Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zimmerman SHOULD Have Walked

No not that he was right in stalking anyone and then shooting them dead - for that, he should have gotten at least a decade in prison.

The thing is, Zimmerman's attorneys did a better job than did the prosecution in swaying the jury of his peers.
Jury selection had as much to do with the outcome of this trial as did the evidence presented.
It was an idea that this country was founded upon.
Blackstone's formulation is an idea that is taught to most during elementary school yet more and more minorities (Okay... there was OJ.) are unable to benefit from it.

The real problem is that the prosecution failed to do their job.
Precious should have never been able to take the stand without the proper preparation.
If the roles were reversed and an all-Black jury heard a white witness spewing ill tempered and poorly worded comments about 'Niggers', the all-Black jury would have already made up their minds at that point in the trial.

The problem is not the law - it is the unfair and uneven application of it that causes much of the racial and/or cultural problems in this country


CNu said...

lol@"precious" jes dayyum....,

John Kurman said...

I've always viewed it as a four square table: Not guilty/Did it, Guilty/Did it, Not guilty/Didn't do it, Guilty/Didn't do it. There are too many jellyheads out there that can tell the difference.

Every time I've been on the jury, I've had at least one face palm moment with both the defense and the prosecution. Apparently, any asshole can get a law degree.

Anonymous said...

prosecution definitely did not do a good job. pitiful really.

Reggie said...

I believe it was the great Richard Pryor who pointed out that when you go down to the courthouse to see justice, that's all you see "just us".