Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokemon Go?

Nintendo may be on to something without even knowing it.
While I have yet to play the game - or even seen the animated series for that matter - Pokemon Go seems to me a model in personal interaction for a electronic media generation.

I wonder if Nintendo can charge businesses for placing rare characters near their locations as a way to advertise?
While the popularity of the app seems to have peaked - there seems to be billions of people who have yet to even try the game.


#Hustle said...

I can see that happening; even on a smaller scale I can see efforts like 'Pokemeets' held by skate/vape shops centered around this. I thought it was a kids game (I grew up watching this back in the 90s) until I saw just how many people my age and older got down with the franchise.

brohammas said...

All of this, even the first wave with those chips or whatever, was after my time.
Some dude stopped and asked me if I was playing as I was standing on a corner looking up Yelp reviews on my phone. He was disappointed that I wasn't but the tacos I had were fantastic.

Blogger said...

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