Thursday, July 21, 2016

Is The Machine Too Big?

Was the lack of an endorsement by Senator Ted Cruz a message to Trump and his constituents from those who really run the Republican party?
Is Ted just a lap dog who is setting himself up for a future presidential run?


CNu said...

All of the above. (the Trump jet flyover earlier in the afternoon was a nice karmic backhand to the impotent establishment anger at Trump)

brohammas said...

It is amusing that Ted, who has in the past been styled as an Repub outsider, is now looking like the party guy. So goes the extremes of pendulum swings.

John Kurman said...

When the crowd started booing Ted you could tell he was so happy. It was like a cold beer to him. That was great. Took a shit right on Trump's living room rug and wiped his ass with the curtains.