Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Holidays

I liked 'Gloria' and 'I Will Follow' from previous albums but I liked this video more than I like this song.
And it was never really Christmas to me until I heard this.


FreeMan said...

Never heard of those songs but now I have.

uglyblackjohn said...

FreeMan, my man... How's the A?
The thing is, I always hated Christmas. My step-dad was a union guy and he always seemed like he was on strike. On strike years (being the oldest boy) I would have to wait until after their strike was over before as I'd get presents.
Either that or I'd get sent to Texas or we'd move back to the hood (my mom was cray-cray).
These songs came out during the few years when I actually had a Christmas at home AND received presents.

FreeMan said...

Things are good and progressing well down here. But, I am now bicoastal so sometimes A sometimes LA. It's like going 40 then 70 then back to 40 but I'm learning to enjoy 40.

Just dropping a line as we all have music we listen to. You wouldn't believe it but I know damn near all of the early 80's from Boy George, Wham and whomever else was on when videos first came out.