Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Boycott the Oscars?

Why? Because your husband wasn't nominated?
And Spike? Negro have a seat. You haven't made anything worth watching since 'Malcolm X'.

And stop whining about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.
 If you're an actor you're constantly begging for a job.
 If you're a writer you can create jobs.
And if you're a producer or director you get to choose who gets a job.
(See: Sonda Rhimes, as an example.)

The trick is to become a member of the creator/owner class and to get away from the consumer/employee class.
Until then, sit down and know your place.

In all honesty, no one will miss either one of you.


CNu said...

I'ma give Spike more props than that simply for introducing the lovely Samantha Ivers in Inside Man https://youtu.be/ogcKLLf59Rc

Anonymous said...

That "need for diversity" sounds so weak from someone sitting on 100+ million.
My only issue with Spike is that his endings suck.