Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ignorance Is Bliss

Mills may have been on to something when he and his cohorts decided to set Treme in the state of Louisiana.
It seems that locations around the state are on a run as far as filmed (or taped) entertainment goes.
Reality shows; Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, My Big Redneck Wedding, Bayou Billionaires and Cajun Pawn Stars all film in a state which has four of ten of the happiest cities in America. Even the NCIS franchise, American Horror Story: Freak Show and Trumbo are taping episodes in New Orleans. These days, it seems that all is well in the Pelican State.

Happiest Cities In America (SOURCE: University of British Columbia)
1 - Charlotteville, Va.
2 - Rochester, Minn.
3 - Lafayette, La.
4 - Naples, Fl.
5 - Baton Bouge, La.
6- Flagstaff, Az.
7 - Shreveport, La.
8 - Houma, La.
9 - Corpus Cristi, Tx.
10 - Provo, Ut.

But there seems to be something wrong with the thinking that a state which CBS News ranks as the fifth fattest state (and the one with the fourth highest rate of diabetes), Wikipedia lists as the sixth dumbest (45th - in percentage of their High School graduation rate, 46th - in percentage of those with a Bachelor's Degree and 47th in percentage of those with advanced degrees), and CNBC list as the eighth poorest state in the country could have so many 'happy' places.
I guess anosognosia is a real condition.
I guess the state of Louisiana is too dumb, fat and poor to even know that they are miserable.
(Either that or the Gumbo, Crawfish and Beignets are that good.)


Tom said...

Speaking as a yankee, I think they're just rebranding the Southern Gothic and selling it to us again.

What's in it for people *from* these states, I couldn't say.

Lilacpr AKA Desert said...

Ya know....sometimes I think "ignorance IS bliss" I mean....why worry,what's it gonna do? I just saw a photo of a woman on Facebook. (the mother of a childhood frienf) 93 years old and counting,Still eating solids, walking and in fairly good mental condition! Never gave a rat's pattot about anything. Took life as it came. She was religious and went to church all the time. Did whatever she could for charity. Just never became overly flustered or excited over anything, good or bad! So, I dunno maybe it's a good way to be. Blissfully ignorant...

But as for those "happiest places" ads. I can remember when that came out about PR in the press here, not true at al! Sure the bars and clubs are full of "happy"? people??? If you can call that a happy country...