Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Respect for Authority?

 Who or what is to blame for all of these supposedly bad-assed kids today - who have little to no respect for anyone in 'authority'?

Could it be the bad examples set by some teachers who prey on the children the are supposed to instruct and protect?
 Could it be the example set by some of those in the military?
 Could it be the many bad examples set by some of those in the police force - who are expected to 'protect and serve'?
 Could it be the bad examples set by supposed men of God?
 Are our politicians and representatives any better?
And you know things are bad when someone would kill her own child just so she could continue to live like a rack star.

If kids today don't respect authority - who in authority are they supposed to look to for examples?


Anonymous said...

Great post! The examples being set by those in positions of leadership, are horrendous! That is a big part of the problem.

Don't know what the answer is......

Reggie said...

I don't know who is to blame, I just know it's fucked up John.