Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Child Abuse?

 Back in the day, people thought it was funny to see Spanky getting tricked into eating a bit too much Tabasco.
These days, a mother from Alaska goes to jail for using the spicy condiment as a form of punishment.
Butt Whoopin's used to be an acceptable form of punishment. "Spare the rod, spoil the child.", a commonly read book is often quoted.
But a Texas Judge loses his job for punishing his daughter.... six years after the fact?

You want to know why today's kids have no respect for authority?
(Well, besides the fact that most of those currently in positions of authority are not worthy of much respect.)
It's because no one 'broke a foot off in they ass' back when they were still young enough to be corrected.


Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree with you on this. A stitch in time saves nine.Of course I'm not talking about abuse, but correction, because in life, any false or incorrect move, will get these future adults painful consequences, be they emotional, physical or both, not just time out.

That judge was whupping the girl because she was downloading pirated music. Something he had explicitly told her not to do.

Back in those days I can remember when there were all sorts of warnings about how these music thieves would be traced and the person would be prosecuted.

As a judge in charge of meting out justice, so imagine having a child who is caught stealing? Make anybody whopping mad!

CNu said...

desert flower is truth...,

I was shocked by the levels of pushback I received when I made arguments similar to the above, "oh but she has some kind of non-discernable cerebral palsy", blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...,

That lil'heiffah set up the covert surveillance to specifically record the whoopin she knew she had coming - and held onto that recording for all these years, until daddy stopped paying for her mercedes benz, at which point she detonated it like an IED with full foreknowledge of its consequences to him.

One allegedly old school bruvva had the nerve to direct me to a website talking about "adults projecting their emotional and psychic toxicity" into innocent children - when it's the responsibility of the adult to serve as a - "safe and trusted recepticle for the "fear and toxicity that may exist within the child"

trigga puh-leeze....,

Val said...

I must respectfully disagree. I didn't get any 'beatings' as a child and I turned out okay. I think smacking a toddlers hand to admonish them to stay away from the street or the stove is okay but using a belt is too much, IMO.

CNu said...

I didn't get any 'beatings' as a child and I turned out okay.


before the jury reconvenes on that plea - lemme axe you summin.

whattup with the Alicia "thickylumpkin" Keys worship goin on at your spot?

Anonymous said...

CNu I know what you mean. People get all pc about this but truth be told even animals will tear into their kids to teach them life stuff. Bottom line is pain!

Anonymous said...

@ Val: I understand your point of view, but I tell you,sometimes kids get way outta hand. I never had the pirating situation in particular, but I can remember times that I had to get really rough and loud if only to scare them out of inappropriate behavior, for their own good.

Val said...



uglyblackjohn said...

@ Val - When they're young it doesn't take much force to punish a child. When they're old enough to require force, the 'fear' of such ass-whippin's will be enough to deter most acts.

To this day, my (almost) adult cousins still remember the whoopin's they got as kids. These coupled with the beat downs they got while learning to fight, later followed by the storm of jabs to the face, chest and gut while slap boxin are a constant reminder to them that THEY ARE NOT RUNNIN' ISH around me.

Their parents and grandparents spoiled them and they have no controll over them.
When my young cousins walk in my house and know that they're in for a good one - they know that the longer they have to wait, the worse their offence is and the longer I will have to cool down in order NOT to kill them. That hour or two cool down is the worse than getting it over with. I have yet to have one cousin complain (now as adults) that they were abused. They knew they did something wrong and they KNEW that they were going to be punished.
A local family court judge knows that dealing with me does more good than sending these kids to Juvi so he releases my cousins into my care when they err.

Val said...


Well since you have anecdotal evidence that it works then I'll take your word for it. But I couldn't discipline a child like that. I'd rather reason with a child.

Val said...


I could agree with scaring them a bit. Lol That works.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Val - I'm not even saying that it works for everyone. There are some little cousin for whom my disappointment is enough.
Parents (or resposible adults) should know when to use whichever form of punishment works best for any given child. For many, a good old-fashioned butt-whippin' is in order for others reason may work.
The thing is, spanking a child should not be taken off the table nor made illegal.
I think that's how I spend much of my cool-down time - trying to figure out which punishment to render.

CNu said...

But I couldn't discipline a child like that. I'd rather reason with a child.

Children don't reach the age of reason until after the age of seven. Prior to that, in order to focus and educate the mind, it is necessary (and very expedient) to directly train the behind.

That is of course a euphemism, but it's a euphemism which describes how my adult right cortical hemisphere objectively relates to and communicates with my children's right cortical hemispheres, since their right cortical hemispheres have their own agenda separate from the agenda that I've laid down for them.

They're also aware that at any point in time, when they no longer care to adhere to my agenda for them, and, when they no longer enjoy or require the light, heat, AC, hot showers, warm comfortable beds, delicious meals and broadband access to the world in the safe, tree-lined neighborhood I've worked to raise them in, that they're perfectly at liberty to gather up their little portable belongings and hit the road.

CNu said...

All that said, whoopings have been an extreme rarity in my house, I don't adhere to the cool down method, I don't, and cannot bring myself to administering a whooping after the fact for something that a child did - I have to catch a child in real time flagrantly and intentionally violating well established rules - I have to identify that clear-cut streak of devilishness (right cortical hemisphere) motivating the violation, and then I disclose my own devilishness in all its terrifying and infernal glory.