Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ummm.. this question is a little more difficult to answer. I don't want all of the women who are so fat that they sweat gravy to e-mail me. I don't want all of these hater chicks e-mailing me because they think that Halle Berry, Stacy Dash or Alicia Keyes are anorexic.
Q- Why do the Brotha's like a BIG BUTT !
A-I'm not entirely sure but maybe it goes back to a time when; only the wealthy could afford to eat so much that they would end up fat. In the South, thin women are called "poor". Maybe it has something to do with penis size. (One of my friends Say's that thin women; "don't have enough (butt) to keep your (testicles) off the sheets.) The question really should be; When did being callipygian become fashionable and why? In the 80's, Janet Jackson was rumoured to have had lypo-suction to remove excess girth. When J-Lo starred in Selena, men stood up (in more than one sense) and took notice. By the time of Beyonce'... ass was in. Don't get thick and fat mixed up. You can have a thick and juicy steak, with the fat in all of the right places. You can also have a big tub of chitterlings or a pile of slop ,and have a lot of them, but it's still just the stuff most people throw out. You can be big and sexy- Anna Nicole Smith, Sophia Lauren (size 14), Marylin Monroe was a size 12, America's Next Top Model contestant Tocara, Sheryl Lee Ralph , Queen Latifa and on and on. You cannot be fat and sexy- Mo'nique, Rosie, Star Jones etc. Some brotha's will date a fat white girl just because she's white- but that's a different issue.

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