Sunday, November 14, 2010

USC Fans Taking A Rest

 As I said before - I'm taking a year (or two) off from rooting for the USC Trojans.
Sometimes being so good just gets old.
 But the interesting thing to watch is how the lessor schools perform.
Utah seemed more than capable of beating the heathen schools.
But it seems that Christian (TCU) trumps Mormon.
 Even the troubled Catholics trumped the Mormons.
It must suck to be a Utah fan.
As Auburn is poised to leapfrog Oregon in this week's BSC rankings - one thing is for sure, one of the big two must drop in order for TCU or Boise State to have a chance to play for the title.
(Although Auburn will probably choke when they meet Alabama.)


Liam said...

i dont even know what this post is about, thanks for the pics!

uglyblackjohn said...

(Oh, I'm just talking ish to brohammas.)

Liam said...

lol yea, it made since once i was able to see the words... nothin wrong wit $h!t talkin in sports. ur visual aids appealed to my lesser instinct and yea...i didnt see any of the words

brohammas said...

MAn you take the talk up a notch knowing good and well I cant resist football talk, and then you throw these pics on here to mock me at another level.
I'm not sure if youre kicking a man while he's down or running up the score, either way, "ouch".

uglyblackjohn said...

Oops, sorry brohammas - didn't know I'd posted this. I didn't mean to think and type this out loud.