Monday, November 1, 2010

Solomon's Choice

Some see video games as a waste of time and money - that's a decision for each to make on his own.
But I think they are a good model for Creation.
Before the game begins, one is able to choose the traits with which he would like to start his digital life.
Some choose a strong but slow character, others choose weaker but more agile characters, while others choose magical characters.
Each character is able to increase his skill but the highest level of each skill is determined by the preset limits (DNA?) of each type of character.

Maybe Solomon's choice of wisdom to rule in a just manner was made even before he was born.
Maybe we are all just living lives set to predetermined limits based on the choices our souls made even before we were born.


Anonymous said...

It's a thought. But no, because then it would be too easy, like the Indians and their class system that each is supposedly born to. Then it's too easy to be mean and abusive of power and too easy to be meek, humble and accepting of a bad situation in life! Although to a degree we are like that already...why do you always pose such difficult questions UBJ??? Too much thinking for me this time of day:)

DF said...

Well the video game one chooses a character or trait they believe will be beneficial to them in conquering that world. I believe we do this in life too but since most people aren't world conquerors they choose to be lowly peasants trying not to get killed accidentally.

I think some people are born able to put the puzzle together faster than others. Their synapses are firing and their quick twitch fibers on their muscles are ready to go. BUT, in this country at least the muscle that determines success is often the gut and blind determination which everyone possess but few rarely use.

DPizz said...

Maybe you smoking too many blunts.

CNu said...


uncajohn chose four sets of tig-ole biddies....,