Monday, November 8, 2010

A Luxury?

 The Wise Men from the East were so wealthy (or enlightened) that they could give away the things for which others strove.
The acquisition of wealth did not seem to be their most important goal.
Money was seen as a tool - not a goal.
These men would travel the known world in order to find that which really mattered.
Siddhartha was born into a wealthy family as a prince - yet he chose austerity.
Solomon chose wisdom over wealth as his gift from God - yet, even he, had to earn his wisdom through the suffering attributed to him in Ecclesiastes.
Why would anyone born into wealth choose to give it all away?
Why are billionaires, such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, giving their wealth to charities and foundations instead of passing it along to their progeny?
Is a life of asceticism a luxury enjoyed only by those born of privilege?


Anonymous said...

Because these are philanthropists. They are the people whose genetic makeup it seems impels them to do good for society. To help society evolve and grow. Not everybody is a greedy hedonist and thank God for that!!!

uglyblackjohn said...

MLK said something like - Every mancan be great... because anybody can serve.
It is by these people that society is fed.