Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top Dog (Would It Sell?)

 Okay, okay... a video game in which one plays as a street dog fighting his way out of a dogfighting ring might come across as sadistic.
But is it any worse than pretending to shoot people?
Think of it as a GTA-type game but playing as a street dog.
If this game were played online maybe Micheal Vick could have avoided doing time in prison.
PETA aside - would this game sell?


Val said...

I doubt it would make it to store shelves, Americans love dogs more than people.

Anonymous said...

"Politically incorrect" so I agree with Val, will never make it to the shelves.

uglyblackjohn said...

Maybe, but way before GTA came out I suggested a similar game to a friend who worked for a major entertainment company looking to enter the video game market.
"I'll never sell", he said about a GTA-type game.

(But yeah... while most people can make millions by pushing the limits - dogs may be going too far.)

brohammas said...

People are cool shooting people because they can accept people being bad.
We have problems thinking animals can be bad.

DF said...

I think if you made it a SIM city concept but a underworld option people would buy it. You can throw in cock fighting, snakes eating rodents and slaughtering bunnies on the internet as other options.

There are just as many people who are not politically correct as there are correct. The issue is how do you tap into this market and bypass all the kumbaya folk!