Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You Think YOU Have it Bad?

In an effort to avoid a Detroit-like situation in this Southern town - the state of Texas has taken over our local school district.
I guess the days of millions of dollars in undeserved bonuses to under qualified employees are coming to an end.
Sure, I am friends with most of the people responsible for squandering almost $400 million dollars on personal goods - but I am more than pleased to see another (less ghetto-fabulous) group of friends taking over before my small town goes the way of MoTown.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The "Expert" ?

The club is doing extremely well, and on a consistent basis.
I'm still giving away more than others make, still paying my employees more than any other club in town, still driving my old work car to work (It has more to do with security than it does with humility.), still asked for advice and guidance from other business owners, I still have a solid reputation and I still hate nightclubs.
I'm referred to as the 'King Maker' by local politicians because I have a ninety percent success rate when I endorse a candidate.
I'm asked to sit on the boards of charitable foundations, asked to become an honorary member of clubs and fraternities, asked to support causes...
Everyone who is 'someone' in this town treats me well.

But herein lies the problem.
I am now seen as an Expert.
As a local celebrity.
I hate "Experts".
Experts believe that they always know best, that they are more important than others, that they no longer have a need to learn, listen or to be humble.
Experts are overconfident and lazy.
Experts are overpaid and under performing.
Experts, are pretty much useless.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Giant Robot

I enjoy movies - some of them terrible.
With a new version of Godzilla coming out, I decided to teach my girlfriend's son a thing or two about Sci-Fi monster movies.
Epix has been showing a lot of the classic monster movies lately.
Hours of bad special effects, dubbed lines and story lines which are a stretch for any imagination are just a DVR away. (Godzilla on Monster Island or Godzilla Versus Monster X being my favorites.)

But the saddest series of the genre would have to be the final scene of Giant Robot.
Sure, Kimba talking to the ghost of his dead father was a tear jerker - and no, Bambi's mother getting killed in a fire was for wimps - the saddest scene of any movie or television series I remember watching as a kid was when Giant Robot refused to heed the commands of his master, Johnny Sakko, in order to save the world.
After watching all 26 episodes of the series, the saddest words I could bear were...
"Giant Robot, come back! We need you here...!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Status - I Don't Understand

I never knew that a woman's weave was seen as a symbol of status?
I have a cocktail waitress (not pictured here but just as ratchet) who was embarrassed that her new summer-weave was too short.
Sure, it was Virgin Remi - but to some, the length of ones weave is a sign of having money.
The problem was: the girl was picking up extra shifts so that she could afford to buy hair that she cannot really afford.
The girl was willing to be broke in order to appear 'rich'.
Guys buying cars they cannot afford to insure, maintain or even keep gas in, women buying $1700.00 handbags with only $17.00 in them, and women buying someone else's hair (and no longer even having to pretend that it is their own) and going broke doing so...
I'm sorry, but the ghetto/ratchet/hood culture is one that is beyond my understanding.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Holy Trinity ?

 Back in the day, there were three people one could not speak poorly of.
Many Black homes displayed an image of the 'Holy Trinity' of the time.
While there are no posters devoted to today's version of those deemed too sacred - many within certain Black communities will fight you tooth and nail if any critical utterance contains the names of thee hollowed beings.

(But what seems odd is that so many Black women are quick to jump on Oprah.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sucking His Own Dick

What Ninja takes out ads in the local paper in order to boast of his 'charitable' giving?
(I bet the NAACP won't give the money back though...)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Take a Seat Mike...

Sure, Donald Sterling may be a penny-pinching, racist, asshole who has a fettish for the dark and (not so) lovelies...
But does Michael Jordan have any room to speak on such matters?
Didn't His Airness treat Comillionaire as though the young rapper was unfit to carry his shoes?
Aren't stories of Mike's treatment of 'common' Black folks found in many places on the internet?
Isn't mike known by his friends to be cheap?
Didn't Mike ditch his Black wife for a stable of white women?
Donald takes out fake ads in local papers touting his philanthropy - Mike releases shoes in limited editions causing kids to fight and rob one another.
Sure, I AM a Michael Jordan fan when it comes to basketball - but when it comes to social issues : Mike, take a seat.

(As far as Sterling goes and his issues with scorned hookers? That's his business. That he will not receive another award from the NAACP? The man has The man can neither do anything for nor to me so his racist views are his problem as well. I AM a Clippers fan so I hope he decides to sell the team but beyond that.. Fuck him.. )

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Miss..

The days when one could expect a ribbon, medal or trophy only after winning. What sissy began the ideology that we should be more concerned with ones self-esteem and not place any value on ones character? (And then taught other scrubs that 'we are all winners, kings, queens, divas, ... or whatever.)
I miss; movie stars, hard-hitting football players, punishment (or mercy) for misbehavior, physically fit celebrities, and/or any type of discrimination based on performance and or knowledge.
I miss people who were able to be thought of as being better than those around them.
I despise; Honey Boo-Boo, any of the Real Housewives, fouls called and flags thrown for incidental contact, excuses for being uncivilized, and the belief that we are or should be equal.

Honestly. I still tutor under performing children in many of the worst imaginable neighborhoods in this area. To a person, each believes that he is going to be the next talentless star on one reality show or another. Each values You-Tube fame as much as we used to value earned fame.
To tell the truth. I'm tired.
Sure, I get cool points for owning a nightclub - only because, to them, that makes me popular and locally famous.
I'm sick of these sorry-assed mothers who aspire to be the next Baketball Baby Momma.
I'm sick of grown-assed fathers thinking that they are a pimp, baller, or gangsta'.
I'm sick of our local Black politicians who blame every shortcoming of our culture on 'Institutional Racism'.
Sure, some may say that am turning my back on 'my people' - but maybe it's just time for me to shake the dust from my feet and move on to people who are at least willing to try to help themselves.
Maybe I should just make money off of those too dumb to become members of the creative class and who are satisfied with being the top-dog of their local consumer class.
I'm just tired...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014