Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Generation of Sissies

Back in the day - growing up in suburban Southern California - Halloween was always fun.
Not just trick-or-treating on the actual night. Not even the Dio de los Muertos celebrations the following days...

Halloween was fun enough; running from the big kids trying to steal our candy, eating all our 'good candy' before one got home only to have his parents take it, staying out later so that we'd get the final dump of candy before people would stop giving it out, knowing which houses have the full-size candy, picking pomegranates and having battles trying to stain the other kid's costumes in sticky red juice,... And in later years, pulling pranks on our friend's parent's homes. (Detergent and food coloring in swimming pools was oh-so common.)

Halloween season started with the opening of Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt (Currently called, Knott's Scary Farm.).
Depending on one's age, Halloween consisted of a trip or two to Knott's, an Oingo Boingo concert, strolling down Hollywood Blvd to trick-or-treat (as ten year olds, Hollywood Blvd on Halloween night was a sight to see.), and an endless list of Haunted Houses.

But the highlight - regardless of one's age - was always Knott's. Disneyland may have been more famous, Magic Mountain may have been bigger with better rides,
 but it was Knott's that was the most fun.

These days, pastors and the PC Police protest against everything as being offensive towards one group or another. (I'm just waiting for Black Lives Matter to protest the hanging of ghosts in trees as being symbolic of the lynchings of Blacks.)
These days Halloween attractions at Knott's are being closed because they may be traumatic to the mentally ill.

Really? Knott's was forced to close Fear VR 5150 because the mentally ill may become stigmatized by it's representations of the horrors of being trapped in an insane asylum?
What's next? Those who suffer from the 'disease' of obesity protesting Christmas because fat people are being portrayed as being cruel to reindeer and enslaving midgets (Or are they elves or dwarfs?)

Sheesh... bunch of overly self-sensitive sissies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First Transgender Actor?

Weeks after Jeffrey Tambor won an Emmy for his work in 'Transparent', a year after Bruce was celebrated as Caytlin - is 'Modern Family' really doing anything that daring?
(I catch the show on occasion - mostly to check out Sophia Vergara.)
While the show has just cast a young transgender eight year old (Can one really be transgender at that early of an age?) as the gay couple's adoptive daughter's new friend - is this really a 'first'?

In the tradition of the Onnagata in Japanese theater - Yellow Dancer from 'Robotech' was a transgender character in a children's cartoon - over thirty years ago.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Shot Heard Around the World?

Reforms in the American justice/financial/religious systems have been promised for decades.
But can current events be the beginning of a modern-day Shot Heard Around the World? (Or at least The Shot Heard Around America?)

Power has never respected it's victims - power only respects power. The Third Estate will always be the victim - until it realizes that it doesn't have to be. Modern-day Metics (Not slaves. I've never heard of slaves applying for work on plantations - most of y'all asked to be where you are.) in America (minorities) will always be second-class citizens until they realize that they don't have to be and take on the added responsibilities that go along with being a free citizens.

Black lives will never matter.
(Until Blacks prove that they do.)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I HATE Nightclubs

I'm just good at them.

The club for which I am currently consulting (think: Bar Rescue) is doing VERY well. It's doing so well that it's primary creditors are offering to take the club from it's current owners and offering to give me the club.
Shiiid... That's how I ended up with my last few clubs...

There are three rules in nightclub ownership;
1) Pay your employees.
2) Don't sleep with your employees (or customers).
3) Pay your bills, fees, licences, and taxes.
That's all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Run, Boy, Run

Every kid in the hood knew to be home before the streetlights stopped flickering.
I wonder if the practice had it's roots in slavery.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Police Involved Lynching - NAACP Speaks Up

 Some criticize Hollywood for the white-washing of historically non-white figures in feature films. These are the same people who celebrate the diverse cast in a play about a distinctly un-diverse group of historical figures.
These are the effete erudites who form the new Politically Correct Cultural Police.

The PCCP exaggerate every real and perceived racial slight. These are those who gasp and clutch their pearls at even the slightest micro-aggression.
The PCCP passively-aggressively lynch and bully their victims on social media.
 While covering a story about proper and acceptable racial casting - Amy Robach misspoke by referring to Blacks (Or is it 'black', 'Negro', 'African-American', or whatever the latest terminology is these days.) as 'Colored People' instead of 'People of Color'.
If the term 'Colored People' is so offensive - shouldn't the PCCP first seek to teach the NAACP a lesson?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Climate Change?

 California ALWAYS burns. This isn't news. Everyone knows to plant iceplants on hillsides and as a perimeter around one's house. Everyone knows to clear excessive brush. Everyone knows to prepare for the inevitable.
 Louisiana floods - it always has. Where do they think all the swamps came from. That's why caskets are not burried but placed in concrete enclosures above ground.
But the thing I'm noticing here in Texas are the super colonies of Crazy Ants. I thought Fire Ants were the top-dog in the ant world. Fire Ants displace most other ants and termites but the Crazy Ant is able to neutralize the Fire Ants' venom and they are displacing the Fire Ant here in many parts of Texas.

My neighborhood was built on old rice fields which had soil imported to raise our homes to at least four feet above street grade. I've had water up to my mailbox that still did not reach even halfway up my lawn. People prepared for the inevitable.

But back to these ants. Fire Ants and Crazy Ants are at war and human structures are paying the price.
There was no way we could foresee nor prepare for this invasion.

Who Knew Swimmer's Lives Mattered?

I used to swim as a kid. I learned to swim because I couldn't swim. That is to say that even after two stints at the week long sessions at our local YMCA I still could not swim.

We had a pool in our back yard and two pools in our subdivision and I refused to be the only child in my family who could not swim. I woke up early every morning and practiced not drowning every day for about a week. First on the steps then in the shallow end. Then I practiced floating, then holding my breath under water, then propelling myself from one end of the shallow water to the other. I surprised my mom about a month later by being able to swim the length of our pool.

My youngest brother had a rival in our neighborhood who he'd beat in everything. The kid's father couldn't believe that Black kids from the hood could be good in so many things. The kid's father wanted to save his son's pride so he invited us to try out for our local AAU team. The kid finally had something at which he could beat my brother. But this did not last long. After a time we were qualifying for A and AA meets. I sucked. I topped out at barely qualifying for JO's but both of my younger brothers competed at the NJO level.

So yeah, this year in Rio I was pleased to see Simone Manuel win gold as a Black American swimmer.
But I also played water polo. Though I managed to letter as a freshman and started as a senior in high school (I only played two years)  I wasn't very good. So again, I am paying attention to Ashleigh Johnson and the women's Olympic team and their quest for gold.

Rap Genius cites nine name-drops of Michael Phelps in rap lyrics. I never really payed attention. Maybe it was his weed smoking that caught their attention?
But looking at my club's newsfeed on Facebook, maybe it's his domination that makes him relevant for a group that most wouldn't think would be paying attention.
 Okay, I could understand this - a cute shot of the tall Phelps and the Short Biles.
 But my club's page also had Phelps throwing shade.
And this meme was a Black favorite.

Back in high school the basketball team and coaches would watch me swim. Seeing a Black swimmer who would actually win was not common. In water polo I was a bit of a Prima Dona. I'd start, score, sub out to talk to my football friends in the stands, sub in, score, sub out and go back to hanging out with my friends.  I was just playing so that I could show off.
But swimming and water polo were  NOT 'cool' sports at my school. Most of of the other participants were only second or third tier popular.

So yeah... Seeing so many Blacks paying attention to swimming matters to me. Maybe twenty years from now we'll see an American team filled with those from many races.

Sometimes People Get What They Deserve

Except for a few rent-free homes, I'm out of the skumlord business. Just this past month I retired from the nightclub business as well. (Although I will still do the occasional bar consulting gig.) I think I'm done with trying to help the 'hood altogether.
Well, I'll still tutor kids and check on the elderly but as far as those who should be able to do better for themselves by themselves - I'm done. Nothing has happened to me - maybe it's just the self-identification of so many as being a 'victim' that did it for me. Maybe I'm just sick of those who have been inspired by the lost direction of the BLM movement. Maybe I'm just sick of dealing with people whose only education is acquired through facebook memes. Maybe I'm around too many dumb people who are too dumb to even know that they're dumb. (I think it was Craig who pointed out the Dunning-Kruger effect or anosognosia.)

I did like Dre when he walked away from Ruthless and Deathrow - I just said, 'effit - just keep that and I'll leave you alone.'. My old partners got into financial troubles (It seems that there are very few people who can make lots of money and whose desire doesn't become to make even more money.) so they had a drug dealer buy into their shares of the business. The drug bosses had assumed that I'd stay if given a big enough 'bonus' but I walked instead. In the past month the clubs' revenue has dropped by two-thirds and it's debts have gotten worse.
I've started a new consulting gig at the worst club in town that has the worst reputation. This club has seen it's clientele and staff upgraded and it's profits grown. I need money, I even like it - it's just that there is a right way to make it.

One of my old clubs was a financial anchor in a bad part of town. Like LeBron when he left Cleveland, I've made enemies by leaving the hood.
Community leaders, politicians and business owners meet at a funeral home down the block to addresses social and political issues in this part of town. The meetings are pointless (in my opinion) because nothing ever gets accomplished.

I went to a recent meeting which focused on the closing of a chain grocery store in the Black areas. There were hundreds of people present at this meeting expressing anger at the food deserts created by the closings. The chain cited high crime, high costs and low profits for their reason of leaving the hood. It was a business move.
After listening to all the complaints I suggested that everyone present should donate $100 to a fund which could start a neighborhood grocery store. I pointed out that Hispanic and Asians owned most of the mom-and-pop stores in the area so the concept was doable. When only five of the more than one hundred people agreed to donate money to benefit the community and a worthy new business owner I asked why others balked. Almost to a person the main complaint was that they would gain nothing personally by giving this pittance away. That they wanted to be listed as an owner. That making someone else 'rich' would not help their lives.

So yeah... I'm done with Niggas (no, not Black people) - they are too dumb and selfish to even know that they are dumb and selfish.