Monday, July 17, 2017

Po-Po Just Scurred

Maybe they thought the woman had a gun,
Or was resisting arrest,
Or she had a rap sheet.
Maybe she was wearing a hoodie,
Or was selling loosies,
Or she was walking away.
Maybe she matched a description,
Or she was reaching for her ID,
Or maybe she was just white and African immigrants are conditioned to be afraid of white women for good reason.


'You're all so calm.', a police officer said to me as we were clearing the road of debris after one of the club's doormen was hit by a hit and run driver.
The accident occurred a couple of miles from the club so we had enough people on hand to control the situation.

The guy walked to the back of a truck and laid down until the ambulance came.
We took pictures and texted them to the supervising officer upon his arrival.
We directed traffic around the accident site until the other officers arrived to make their report.

'Just thank you for being so calm.', the officer said as we were preparing to leave.
'What did you expect?', I asked.
'Oh, nothing. There are just so many of you guys.' he replied.
'No problem', I concluded as I shook his hand and went home.

Honestly, what did the officer expect us to do, riot?
I know that police officers have a stressful and demanding job but to me - most popo are just scared.

Mammies and Coons

I'm not hating on Steve Harvey - like all the other Coons, if that's what he chooses to do in order 'make it' then more power to him.

 What I'm hating is the acceptance and celebration of being an uneducated Black man who must Coon for a wider audience in order to be accepted.
What I'm hating is a nicca' who reinforces the white stereotypes of shuckin' and jivin' Blacks who 'know their place' as entertainers and nothing more.

Stepin Fetchit was was a sassy Negro who would never be described as being 'uppity'.

 From Uncle Remus to...
Steve Harvey - Blacks have always been accepted as long as they played the fool/clown or could entertain.
As long as a Black male is able to entertain he is never seen as a threat.

Why do you think people are afraid of clowns?
It just seems to me that clowns are modeled after minstrels with their over-exaggerated features.
Not at a distance, or as long they they remain where they belong - it's just that no one wants to actually have one in their every day presence.

Now, if I could just get say... Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry  and a few of their friends to recreate this scene from Dumbo I'd be a fan.

Most Malls Are Obsolete

 Back in the day, going to the mall was an event.
No, not that it was a big deal but in that it was the spot to be to meet friends, meet girls, see a movie and (most of the time) just to be seen.

During the heyday of mall culture most were pretty much the same as any other.
Most had a few anchor stores and lots of smaller local, regional and national shops.

 I lived in a developing suburb.
Our malls were not the destination models still thriving today.
Our malls catered to local tastes and local economies.

For 'better' goods and services we'd travel to the more upscale malls in the O.C. or in L.A..

 If we saved enough of our allowance, birthday money, lawnmowing/paper route/babysitting money and Christmas money we could shop at Buffum's (Now defunct.)
Buffum's  Had the requisite snob-appeal required to impress our friends out in the sticks.

Then there was Bullock's (also defunct)...
 and I Magnin (defunct).
If we shopped at these stores we were ballin'.

Sure, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and (later) Norstrom were around,
but they still exist.

Consolidation seemed like a good idea at the time but malls are losing anchors at an incredible clip.

How did Southern California lose its venerated Buffum's, Bullocks and I Magnin stores in favor of a failing Macys/Federated string of mergers and acquisitions?

I don't even shop at malls anymore - online is just easier.

Locally our store if choice was a regional chain named Harris'.
The original store was intended to be the anchor of a redevelopment project of the neighboring town of San Bernardino.
The brands were relatively high-end, the service was good and the female workers were more attractive than the surrounding population.
But being located in the gang and crime infested town of San Bernardino was more than the store could overcome.

A second store was built in neighboring Riverside in their new open-air mall.

The open-air concept and mix of stores was a hit and the mall prospered by catering to the needs of the local economy.

But then the 80's hit and competition from newer or expanded malls forced the mall owners to attempt a makeover.
The mall was enclosed to resemble the other malls in America.
The tacky styling of the era soon looked worn out and dated and the mall was on the verge of closure.

What else could the struggling mall do besides return to its roots as a local lifestyle center

(What's funny is that it's original Jetson's-style marquee from the fifties looks more modern than the new contemporary version.)

The mall is doing better now with its curated mix of tenants.
When I'm home I always seem to stop by the mall for lunch, a movie or just to be seen.

But one company seems to be on a roll.
Simon Property Group owns or operates five of the ten best performing malls in the country.
The company owns The Mills outlet malls and many destination properties throughout the country.

The mall concept itself isn't necessarily dead - it just seems as though the old standard way of doing things is.
Malls have to learn to keep updated in order not to become outdated.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Bad Is the Democratic Party ?

 It was never about Donald Trump being a good candidate....
It was always about Hillary being a worse candidate.
And what does that say about the current state of our two-party system?

I STILL Hate Nightclubs

 (I'm just good at them.)
My preference is for clubs that are in situations where everyone says that they cannot be turned around.
My favorites are clubs where I have to put my reputation on the line.
 My most recent endeavor is probably my most unlikely.
 The club's owners offered to buy me. My response was that no matter how much was offered that they could not afford me.
 A later meeting with the owner's led to a near altercation with one of his partners. They then understood that they couldn't intimidate me.
 'What do I have to do to get you to help us?', the owner asked. 'Just ask.', I replied.

I had known the owner for a while. He was always a respectful guy who would sit next to the bar and ask advice. Even when he opened his own club he'd call me afterwards to take me to breakfast to learn as much as he could.

 'How was it at (name of club) tonight?', he always began. I'd explain what had gone wrong and what needed to be improved upon in an effort to give information he would need at his spot without his having to ask. (At the time I was consulting, training, managing other clubs). I'd always remind him to learn from the mistakes of others instead of through his own trial and error.

One day he just asked.
Dispute the rumours on the street, he seemed like he was trying to be a good guy.
As long as any money I was to be paid came from a legitimate source and I was to be working towards a legitimate and legal end then I would have no problem helping his crew make the transition.

But then the bourgeoisie found out about my involvement.
I was warned that I may be ruining my reputation because I have always remained as close to pristine as humanly possible.
I was warned that I would be tainted by dealing with common street thugs.

The thing that these wannabe gatekeepers failed to understand was that I lived large swaths of my childhood in worse environments and under worse conditions than these 'street thugs'.
That the only reason I was able to rise above my surroundings was that I always seemed to have a guardian angel appear at just the right time and place.
While I'm not a fan of Affirmative Action (IMOHO - Such a program implies a sense of inferiority.), I understand that any success was gained with the help of others.
I understand and teach the value of relationships and networking. I teach that a good team can beat a great individual every time.

This dude seems to get it.
He's polite, humble and gracious to his more accomplished elders.
He takes criticism without becoming offended.
Okay, I've had to quell violent situations and have taught them to try de-escalation as a first option but they're making progress.

Many of the workers have goals of doing more than working at a club for tips - some are qualified to do so.
Over the past several months, several employees have gotten day jobs through introductions made through the club.
Each job pays well, has benefits and has room to move up.
The club is a conduit for a better future for most of its employees.

'Woke niggas is broke niggas.'
Many disapproving bougie niggas want to talk about an imaginary Black Community - but that's all they do is talk.
The (alleged former drug dealer/bookie) young man I'm helping legally employs about thirty people, he pays all of his taxes and fees, he gives back to the community and he seems to be doing everything he can to transition towards legitimacy.
Part of my agreement was that the club had to support itself and that no illegal money could be used in any way.

The thing is, he's making enemies.
 Some from his old lifestyle are jealous that his club is doing well and that he seems to have gone legit.
 Some from the Black Bourgeoisie are jealous because he's skipped over them and is now dealing with the White Elite.

' Man, fuckem. I have more enemies than you have friends ', I tell him.
He seems to think my clubs work because everyone likes me. The thing is, most of these people don't even know me - it's like high school.

Ethiopia - The Next Big Showdown ?

A member of the Boomtown Rats came,
They initiated a song.
And then they left.
Others noticed the history, value and beauty of the country.

Sure, Ethiopia was occupied by Italy for a few years but it's remained largely independent from the control of foreign powers.

Years, decades and centuries of war have taken its toll on the people and the economy but the people seem as though they have no interest in the West's intervention into their affairs.
This Double-OG largely Christian country seems to relish in their independence.

Like an independent Haiti, Ethiopia seems to have suffered from their strength.
Surrounded by colonial powers it may have been difficult to form alliances with those whose only wish was to possess what they already owned.

For a while it seemed as though their federation with Eritrea would bring about a modern Punt or Kingdom of Aksum.
It seems that infighting prevented this and Eritrea won its independence which left the country of Ethiopia landlocked.

But then came China and it's Belt and Road Initiatives.
 Ethiopia receives more financial aid from China's Eximbank than any other country on the continent. (Although Angola is pretty close.)

Just this week China has opened its first foreign base in neighboring Djibouti.
But what has this got to do with Ethiopia?
My thinking is that if China is keeping it one-hundred with Ethiopia and China is defending neighboring Djibouti and it's access to the Red Sea then Ethiopia will have access to the Red Sea by default.

But what does Ethiopia export besides coffee?
I'm not sure but the IMF states that Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
Then there is water.

Water may be the country's most important asset.
Since the majority of the Nile's water originates in Ethiopia the country's Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam could be used as a generator of trade with surrounding countries.

The electricity generated from this controversial dam could also be sold to neighboring states.

But this might upset the West's stranglehold on power in the region.
If this Chinese-backed venture succeeds without the World Bank, Federal Reserve or IMF - will a threat to the Petrodollar be next?
(And we all know what happens when the Petrodollar is threatened.)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Are We Smarter Than 'God' ?

' On the earth there once were giants.' - so says the ancient Greek poet Homer.

It seems that every culture mentions a time before ours when giants are said to have walked the earth.
The Hebrew Nephilim, the Greek Gigantes, The Sanskrit Daitya, the Paiute Si-Te-Cah,... primeval races are mentioned in most cultures.

But these god-human hybrids seem to be a diluted form of their creators and not yet as advanced as their successors.

In the film AI David is an imitation of human but not yet as advanced as the silicon-based Supermecha. (Carbon-based life no longer ruled the earth.)

If  the final product of a creator excels beyond that of it's original source - are our gods as smart as we give them credit for being?

Nothing Better To Do

 Besides France, Japan and South Korea - who else can complain that a sovereign nation chooses to exercise it's right and obligation to to arm and protect itself?

Given the history of the West - isn't it Kim Jung-un's responsibility to develop an up to date weapons system that is capable of discouraging and repelling any foreign invaders?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Does Money Even Matter ?

 As long as the medium is agreed upon,
Anything can be used as money.
 Even without anything but 'confidence' backing it.
It's even better when an entity has a strong military forcing people to believe that their 'money' has any value.

* People used Tide as a 'hood currency?