Wednesday, August 16, 2017

November 8, 2015

The day people with something of value had to show a bunch of feckless and effete mandinkies how the game is really played.
After two months of protests, a hunger strike, limited media attention and a bunch of whining by members of Concerned Student 1950,
no one seem to notice and even fewer really cared.

But then the Mandingos were called in to teach the crybabies a thing or two.
Putting their scholarships (and likely their livelihoods) on the line - The Mandingos put an end to the mess quick, fast and in a hurry.

But then the protests at and near the UVa campus happened.
Protests at a college or university are to be expected - historically speaking.

After that mess (an an apparent co-sign from the reigning POTUS) Richard Spencer wanted to take his show on the road.

The protest scheduled for SEC school Texas A&M (One of the more Conservative schools in country) ended up being cancelled.
The University of Florida? Nope.
These schools have too much to lose if members of their football teams view them as fostering a hostile environment.

Note to Richard Spencer:
If you wish to organize a Unite-the-White rally on a college campus, choose a D-3 school (Or at least a D-1 with a terrible football team.).

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Is It 45 1/2 or 45* ?

Be careful what you wish for,
Trump may get impeached yet.

Sure, he lacks political acumen and social grace but he may be the only hedge between the Deep State and yourself.

Mike Pence as POTUS?
Nah, he'll get caught up in the Russiagate mess and be forced to resign.

Maybe Paul Ryan can more easily be bought and controlled so count on the establishment coalescing around his ascension.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Add Another American Terrorists to the List

Even Trump says that the events in Charlottesville were terrorist acts - in spite of threats from David Duke.
Better late than never but good job Mr Trump.
Way to find your balls and common sense.

The Daily News has been telling it like it is for a while now, without the euphemisms.

Mass shootings by lonely dudes with no game have been a problem way before Trump - even before Obama but there seems to be an uptick in recent years. 
White men have been the overwhelming perpetrators of mass shootings on American soil - even more often than Latinx, Blacks and Muslim men combined.
(And that's not even counting Timothy McVeigh's protest.)

Let's see the events which have transpired since this weekend's events.

Twitter site 'You're a Racist' is outing protesters left and right.
One has been disowned by his family, one has been Kaepernicked from his job, others have tried to backpedal and others are deleting their facebook accounts.
I agree with free speech but there are always consequences to one's actions and 'personal responsibility' is something in which these dudes believe.

 And what's up with Ohio?
Not only does the state have a problem with painkillers they seem to have a problem with attempted killers as well.
And internet doxing ain't to be played with.

Both the guy who ran over Heather Heyer, (with the black Home Depot shield)...

...and one of the guys who beat Deandre Harris are from the state.
Maybe Trump's next big initiative needs to be better Mental Healthcare (without prescribing oxy.).

Paul R. Williams

The centerpiece of the downtown area of my home city is the Mission Inn.
The city has an uglier, more ghetto sister city less than ten miles away.
San Bernardino is a dump that used to overshadow Riverside but in recent years Riverside has become a wholly acceptable place to live.
 Meanwhile, San Bernardino has largely remained a poverty stricken, drug infested, undereducated dump with no desirable city core.
It's only desirable areas are on the city's outskirts or just outside of the city limits.

But the city does have at least one interesting landmark.
San Bernardino has an iconic hotel of its own.
The Arrowhead Springs Resort was intended to be a destination resort for the rich and famous.
A changing economy and the rise in popularity of air travel shifted traffic to more exotic locations and the hotel failed.

Indians thought that the arrowhead-shaped geological clearance caused by a hillslide pointed to water.
As it turned out they were right.
The Arrowhead brand of Artesian is sourced here.

A local band of Native-Americans has done so well at their casino that they are buying up much of the land once belonging to their tribe - including the once shuttered hotel.

I always wondered what the building was whenever we passed by on our way to mountaintop resort areas so I had to Google it for more information.
It's a nice edifice that was designed by the Black Los Angeles-based architect Paul Revere Williams.

 Sure, that was interesting enough but the guy also designed the iconic Theme Building at LAX.
When we were kids we always thought that it was a Jetsons-styled control tower.
As it turns out, the dude was once one of the most sought after architects in the Southland.
He was a leader in Mid-Cent-Mod architecture throughout Southern California and Vegas.

 But he could also pull off more traditional buildings like his improvements to the Beverly Hills Hotel.
 He was once known as the 'architect to the stars'.

On my next trip home I may have to check out the resort in a neighboring town just to see what the brotha' could do.

Welcome to the Real World

 I have never been a fan of Black Lives Matter (Like the earlier Occupy movement they had no clearly stated goals nor the means to accomplish them.) and I hate Affirmative-Action (It assumes that I'm inferior and in need of unearned advantages.).

My distaste for A-A is rooted in a grade school experience.
Our school held a yearly carnival which was used as a fundraiser.
When I was in first grade I participated in the Cake Walk.
The Cake Walk was a raffle of sorts in which tickets were purchased and music was played and everyone walked around on a circle of numbers. When the music stopped whomever was standing on the number drawn won a whole cake.

I happened to stop on the winning number.
'That's not fair, they have red lunch tickets (When we paid for our lunch every week the tickets were dated in either red or black ink depending on the level of the price paid. Red tickets were full cost tickets that could be carried over to a later date.), one kid cried out.
The administrator had everyone take one step forward.
'That's okay, my sister won then and I'll still get some when I get home.', I said angrily.
'But that's not fair their parents have jobs', another kid complained.
We were forced to take another step forward until an acceptable poor kid won.
The teachers tried to talk to me about sharing but I was so mad that I walked the two blocks to my house at night.
Sure, I got whooped for walking home but I didn't care - I was right and I knew it.

The next Monday at school the principal tried to explain how I should let those with less have more opportunities.
The game was not weighted to favor one person over the other so as a first grader anything that was said was beyond my comprehension.
We had all taken the same chance on winning and I had to give my prize to someone who had lost just because my parents did what they were expected to do and I benefited from it  - fuck that.

I've never been down with all this 'woke' shit - usually just talking about doing things takes the place of actually doing things. I grew up in a neighborhood that was run by the Panthers and they actually initiated real-world programs to get things done.

I have Hotep friends who claim that we are slaves in America.
Nigga please - I have never heard of an African slave who applied for the job.
I have never heard of a slave who, if given the opportunity, never attempted to make his life better.
I've have friends who think that ' the Black man is being hunted in Amerikkka'.
Give me a break. Every white person can just walk out and shoot any Black person on sight?
Do they run from everyone white because they they see? Shit, even deer have sense to hide from hunters.

What we are could better be described as Metics in ancient Greece.
Residents but without the full rights as citizens.

But the Alt.Right is not fighting for the same thing.
Some within BLM wanted equal footing while some of the Kekistani seem to wish to continue in a society that places them above others (even when unearned).

IMOHO - Each group is the opposite side of the same coin.
Each group wants unearned benefits for work they themselves have never done.
Each group sees themselves as victims in a changing world which is moving towards a more meritocratic society.

If rules, laws and opportunities were meted out equally, many of these crybabies would be doing what they are currently doing - just protesting.

Participation Trophyitis

 Trump is correct when he states that racism and violence didn't begin with him, that it didn't begin with Obama.
Sure, Trump used the hopes of the oppressed to his advantage but what politician hasn't?

I knew it was bad - I just didn't know that it was this bad.

I have a diverse group of friends (My facebook page looks like the cast of a Fast and Furious movie.) and ones race has never been an issue in group dynamics.
Everyone is good enough in enough things so stereotypes are often disproved.
Everyone works hard and everyone has 'game'.
I don't think I even know any shrubs.
While everyone may excel in different areas there is a minimum expectation in all things.
We don't always get along but I think everyone still respects everyone else.

I don't think I know anyone who believes in the Trophy for Nothing ideology.
Feelings? Please.
You won - don't gloat.
You lost - get over it.
While cheating is not an option, taking advantage of given circumstances (as long as it's not dishonorable) seems to be okay.
I think I may have been sheltered from the real world by my circumstances.

But back to the oppressed white dudes.
I get it - I understand.
Your life is average while you're deluged with images in the media highlighting lives of Blacks who are doing better than you, who have more money, live in better homes and drive better cars.
Your tech job is being overrun by non-white bosses from Asia and you still can't get that girl because she favors the dominant male in every aspect of your life.
Women have the nerve to rebut your opinions and they don't accept your alt.facts as being canonical.
And now even those in the LGBTQ community are coming out and they're doing better than you as well?

It must be all this affirmative action - there is just no other way to explain how you and your life could just be 'average'.
Surely, if what you've been taught about genetic superiority were true you alone should be better reaping the benefits of all this country has to offer.
And you would be in your rightful place if only every non-WASP knew his place and served your marginally productive ass in accordance with Darwin.
Everyone is your enemy and you're now the victim of an orchestrated effort by inferior groups to treat you like an equal with no head start or predetermined advantages.

Did I get that right?
Who cares?

You're coddling mothers should have pulled you from that little league that didn't want to keep score.
Your dad should have never let you play soccer where everyone received a participation trophy.
You should have gone to a more diverse school where you would have learned to deal with a more diverse world.

But I cannot understand the rationality of some within these groups.
If Blacks should get over slavery, Jim Cr racism - why do these groups hold onto imagery from wars lost over dissent in The South and Nazism?
If they lost shouldn't they just get over it?
How do they worship Jewish person of color?
Why do they constantly claim that 'we' created everything good and are genetically superior but they themselves cannot overcome an environment where no one is given an advantage?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kamala Harris' 2020 Vision

 For what is often thought of as a bastion for liberal ideologies - the Bay Area comes across as extremely intolerant of opposing views.

From attacks from the right concerning a non-violent (but probably distracting) protest...

To attacks from the left concerning having an opposing view.

It's an odd time when being a conservative white dude in corporate America can cause your being Kaepernicked.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Misogynistic Insensitivity ?

 As family friendly traditional restaurants like TGI Friday's, Olive Garden and Applebee's are struggling,
there is one segment of the restaurant industry that is thriving.
A group of investors recently  approached me to ask my opinion on opening a franchise my area.
In spite of an apparent misogynistic culture, police shootouts,  racism, sexism, fat shaming, discrimination, and a whole bunch of offensive practices, so called 'breastaraunts' are opening new stores and expanding into new markets.

 Twin Peaks,

 and Tilted Kilt are outperforming other segments of the industry by as much as ten times the average.

In our social warrior dominated culture there still seems to be a market for what some would call 'misogyny'.

But a sexist business model has its limits.
Bikinis (the trademark holder of the term 'breastaraunt') is shuttering most of its stores.
A failed promotional appearance on Undercover Boss exposed the chain's unprofessional business practices which led to fines from the state's alcohol board.
I guess if one runs his business as though he lived in a xenophobic, isolationist, sexist, homogeneous, racist, elitist, paranoid frat house then things won't end well.
I guess even the worth of 'traditional values' has its limits.

(Another Tilted Kilt image - I just liked the photo.)