Saturday, April 1, 2017

Black Don't Crack....

 A 'Good Times' video appeared on my facebook timeline. On it was a young Bern Nadette Stanis - you know Thelma.
I always hated 'Good Times' - in spite of everyone in the home working, them motha'-effers still lived in the projects.
Back then - Thelma could get it.
These days - Thelma could still get it.
The comments from overweight, beastly, undereducated and unattractive women was that 'Black don't crack'.
The thing is; this is not always true - especially when it comes to 'race'.
The truth is that there are many Miss Jane Pittman broke down slavery looking Black women in the world today.

Let's take a look at non-Black women over SEVENTY!!!
 Raquel Welch - No Viagra needed.
(Back in the day, in the 'hood we had a childhood chant, 'Raquel Welch... uhh, uhhhnnn, uhn, uhn, uhhhnnn....')
Miss Welch seems to have been pretty and fine her entire life.
Raquel could still get it.
 Jane Fonda - a bit thin but she could still get it.
Shiiiid, Helen Mirren (with those big molly-whopper tiddies) looks better now (with more weight and age) than she did when she was young.

'Race' has never determined my outcome.
And 'race' has never determined who could get it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I'm So Sick of Easily Offended, Woke, Triggered, Sissies...

Ronnie took the criticism like a champ.
No tweets, no whining, no complaining...
Even after actually BEING shot.
Now some on Team-Trump are overreacting to Snoop Dog shooting Donald with a gun that goes 'Bang!'?
And then smoking a blunt with an obviously still living clown?
Bitches, please.
And then there is this Ted Nugent gem....

Monday, February 27, 2017


 I guess the expanded options for Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City will have to include a Black option to Gay Tony since being Black and gay from the 305 seems to be in these days.
After protests about the Oscars being too white with no people of color being represented in any of the major acting categories the last two years - Hollywood seemed to actively search out more diverse projects.

And yeah, I thanked The Donald in jest in an earlier post but I think there may be a grain of truth in such a statement.

It seemed like Hollywood was trying to force us to watch and like Nate Parker's 'Birth of a Nation' until Nate's personal problems took over the Oscar consideration narrative. (Nate's earlier transgressions could not be overlooked as easily as those of say... Roman Polanski.) 'Kicks' (Also starring eventual Oscar winner Mehershala Ali. Damn, this brotha' had a busy 2016!) was another 'urban, gritty, coming of age story' but without the Hollywood-trendy Brokeback element. The rest of the Black offerings last year seemed to be the usual hackneyed tropes seen every other year with none being worthy of any award recognition.

But back to Trump.
It seemed that the political season was so racially charged that Hollywood seemed to be trying to make a point that it wasn't representative of those who voted Trump into office - and well-timed movie releases benefited.

Viola Davis' self-important speech aside, (Really? Only actors celebrate life? Bish-please) I think that Blacks were well represented this year as some sort of make-good from the Academy.

After a couple of years with no Blacks nominated in any major category, this year Blacks seemed almost overrepresented. Or maybe there were just better Black stories.
Maybe Black writers have graduated from low budget direct to video offerings.
Even Jada Pinkett Smith admitted that the stories were just better this year.
And thank goodness I didn't have to see this mess again as being representative of Black women in America.

Friday, February 24, 2017

I Just Thought It Was Funny

My public facebook newsfeed is littered with tropes and memes regarding Trump juxtaposed against Obama.

 Yeah, yeah... I know Malia Obama seems to be doing the most but she is doing nothing different than any other young adult.

 Oh, please - even Mexicans don't want to be a part of Mexico.
 Damn, really?
 Yeah, he's a bitch-assed cry baby.
I just thought this was sexy.

I Didn't Vote For the Nicca

 But I may know what President Trump is doing.
Donald Trump is doing everything he promised to do - shake up the system.
Sure, he's a bounder but he's acting the same as he's always acted.
Donald Trump was elected to do what people expected Barack Obama to do; to upset the cart, to rock the boat, to drain the swamp.

Yeah, I get it - he and his family are the Clampetts among the elites.
They have no class.
They are garish and uncouth.
But The Donald doing the same thing he did in Old-Money Palm Beach - saying, 'Fuck you, I'll do what I want'.

Yeah, he is making the same mistakes many leaders have made since there have been leaders - not understanding that there are Peace Time Councillors and that there are War Time Councillors. (Shit, even King David understood that some of his most loyal generals were 'too rough' for him once he became the king.)
The Donald doesn't seem to understand that he needs to drop those Useful Idiots.

And yes - I voted for Obama (twice) and I was disappointed with his sanguine but passive tenure as POTUS.
The Donald seems to be taking a different approach.
The Donald seems to be swinging for the fence - strikeouts be damned.
The Donald seems to be from the school which teaches that one's great successes will far outweigh one's failures.
The Donald seems to think that his homeruns will matter more than his strikeouts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Donald Ain't Got Nothin' on Rodrigo

Trump acts like a middle school girl who's mad that she isn't the most popular even after being crowned homecoming queen.
Trump's social media rants and complaints about being bullied are laughable and unseemly - not what one would expect from the POTUS.

Trump may be a pimp but he's not really gangsta'.
Trump and his cadre of Mean Girls still have a lot to learn when it comes to being truly Machiavellian.

If Trump wants to be the Moses-like savior his revanchist (Or would it be 'irredentist'?) minions wish him to be - maybe he should just shut up and stop tweeting every thought, urge or impulse which springs to his mind.
Even the stuttering Moses knew to let the more eloquent Aaron speak to the masses.

The Donald may prove to be a great POTUS - only time will tell - but to be a real man of action he may wish to take a hint from Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte has been boycotting the media for a while - he doesn't bother to tweet his dissatisfaction.
Rodrigo pays internet trolls up to $2000 a month to combat others who voice displeasure with their president's actions or words.

Civil liberties complaints aside - I like this man of action.
'Three-million drug addicts'? Exterminate them - simple.
Corrupt cops?
Just have them choose between retirement or being sent to an area known for cop killings - problem solved.

Apparently Donald Trump still has things to learn when it comes to being a real despot.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Looks Are Subjective

 I missed the recent Miss Universe pageant but I did catch the end to watch Stephan Harvey announce the winner.

Oops, wrong photo.
I meant that I did get to catch Steve Harvey announce the correct winner.

Yes, Miss France won the title - the first European winner in decades.
Sure she's lovely and probably deserved to win but I actually liked the other taller finalists better.

Miss USA is pretty enough but if I was walking passed her I probably wouldn't turn around to get a better look.

I did think Miss Brazil was pretty hot though. Miss Brazil was involved in some controversy because some were upset that a Black woman was chosen to represent their country on the international level.

I also liked Second Runner-up Miss Colombia.

But Miss Haiti was my favorite.

It seems that the Miss Haiti chosen to represent Haiti at the Miss Universe pageant is different from the ones chosen for the Miss World and the Miss International pageants.
I guess each pageant has it's own favored standard of beauty.

Miss Universe Final 13;
Miss USA
Miss France
Miss Philippines
Miss Canada
Miss Tailand
Miss Kenya
Miss Haiti
Miss Colombia
Miss Panama
Miss Peru
Miss Mexico
Miss Indonesia
Miss Brazil.

Five (USA, Haiti, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia) Black finalists out of twelve?

While the finalists seem diverse (as should be expected in a pageant that represents a world where Caucasians are the minority) - the phenotypic features of most finalists were still somewhat influenced by a eurocentric standard of beauty.

(*What's funny is that some in Brazil would be offended by a Black representative in the pageant.
This is the same country that has contestants recreate the Last Supper for its Miss Bum-Bum competition.
The only image that could be seen as more offensive would be the Mary Magdalene as a Stripper meme.)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Don't Hate the Playa'

Donald Trump doesn't hate Black people - he probably just disregards your unproductive broke ass.
Trump (Do I really need to refer to him as 'President Trump'? Or did that need for a title just apply to Obama and his followers?) may be an ass-hole but that's okay - we're used to it.
Trump is a p.i.m.p..!

Let's take a quick look at Trump and all his hip-hop inspired swaggerism.

 Trump had a clothing line - P-Diddy had a clothing line.

 Fiddy has Vitamin Water - Trump has Trump Ice Spring Water.

 Diddy has Ciroc - Trump has Trump Winery.

Trump sold beef - rappers are notorious for beefs.

Trump's woman posed nude - shiiiiid,  there is a whole franchise devoted to rappers who ended up with former strippers.

(No comparison here. I just liked this photo of Ivanka)

'...Grab her by her pussy....'
Oh please - one can insert this verse into almost any current hip-hop song.

Exaggerations, hyperbole, embellishments, misinformation, disinformation, mendacity, .....
Aren't these all common in the hip-hop world?

The truth is - y'all don't hate Trump.
You admire him in all his pimpalicious ways.
You just resent the fact that he is able to do the things you can't do.
That he gets to get away with what you wish you could.
That he can spit the most offensive verses and still sell to the masses.

Y'all don't hate Trump - you respect his hustle. (At least you should)
You're mad at him just like you're mad at the former dope boy who became a rapper and who now is worth millions.
You resent him because his behavior may come across as being indecorous but his street-cred and wealth allows him to give zero-fucks.
*Sure, he often uses 'dicksisms' (Did I get that word right Big Don? Until you threw it out there I didn't know it was a thing with all you shorties at Stormfront.) when he loses an argument but that's apparently common for those with a low IQ.
Y'all THOTs talk about his comb-over while you spent your rent money on that Brazilian hair-hat.

Trump won by stealing the concept behind NWA's most popular hit.
'Fuck the PO-lice' was essentially saying, 'Fuck the establishment'.

Trump won by appropriating more Black culture than did Rachel Dolezal.
Sure, they both tanned and altered their hair in some way but at least Trump never actually went as far as claiming to be Black.

Y'all don't really hate Trump - you just hate the game.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Orwell almost had it right - he was only off by a little over thirty years.
'Alternative Facts'?