Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's Been FIVE Years?

...Since Mills passed?
No more DeeVee, or Sub, or Mandissa, or KIT, or even ByrdEye (BigDon's predecessor).
Man, I remember when blogging was fun. SeeNew's, 'octoroon please...' still cracks me up all these years later.

Who's "Winning"

odmp.org list 44 police officers being killed in the line of duty so far this year.
While killedbypolice.net and innocentdown.org list the even greater number of civilians (yes, most are felons so I have no problem with those) killed by police this year.

I'm not an eff-tha-police kind of guy - not at all - but we need better trained and better prepared cops protecting and serving us.

Sometimes I Know How Channing Tatum Feels

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's Just a Gun

In all honesty - I don't think of police officers, men (or women) in uniform or anyone else just doing their job as being a 'hero'.

'Man, this ain't that place.', I said to a young patron at my club.
(One of my waitresses had spotted a gun on the young man so she ran behind the bar in fear.)
'You, right man, you right. I'm sorry.' The young patron replied as he finished his drink and left.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Then Find Your Voice...

I deal with a lot of people in my daily life - not all of them good.

The recent riots in Ferguson and Baltimore seem to have added even more fuel to the already smoldering racial fires in the lives of some in my small Southern town.
"We gonna' burn this place too.", one patron of my club stated.

But Beaumont is no Watts.

While it has been rated as the least educated city in the country (Forbes Magazine), and the saddest (U.S. News and World Report), and that it was once said to be the second worst city to raise a family - Beaumont has nothing but options and a low threshold for success for anyone Black who is willing to do the work.
With just an Associates Degree - one can work at any one of the many Prisons, Ports or Petroleum plants in the area.
While low-skilled, these are high-paying jobs with many people making over $100k per year.
The city is more than half-Black with equal representation on all elected boards. In fact, our former Black (Yes 'former' - the district was taken over by the State Board because the small district is said to have burned through billions of dollars with little to no accounting. But that is another story.) School Superintendent was at one time the fourth highest paid in the country.
Housing is also relatively cheap.

But back to my earlier conversation...
Another patron quoted Martin Luther King Jr as saying, "...a riot is the language of the unheard.".
It's election season now in this town so I asked the group if any of them had voted.
None of them had.
I asked if any of them had done any volunteer work.
Again, none of them had.
I asked if any of them had served on a jury.
Still, crickets.
I told them that they should make their voices heard by their actions and volunteering, that they should be heard in the courts by serving on juries and that they should flex their political muscles by voting.
I told them they if the had no vested interest in a community that they shouldn't be heard. That their lack of action validated their lack of a voice.

"Man, who's gonna' win the fight...?", one patron asked in an effort to change the conversation...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

At Least WE Have Water

Southeast Texas sucks in many things but at least we aren't selling the water we don't even have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Don't Understand 'Popularity'

To be honest with you - 'Popularity' is for suckers.
My club is doing well (maybe even TOO well).
I get free stuff all the time. The thing is, when some people see that other people give me free ish, these people seem to want to give me whatever it is that they have to offer.
I don't even keep or use the stuff being given.
Most of the time I just give it to my patrons at the club.
But this creates another problem. Those who receive these gifts often turn around and give me more and better gifts in return - which I dole out to other customers.

I rarely have the chance to use tickets - so I give away more tickets than Ticket Master.
If the timing is right and I actually have the time to show up at an event - I try to sit as far out of the way a as possible. But this seems to make the hosts of the events upset. I guess center table and/or front row people are supposed to sit with center table/front row people. By my choosing to sit out of the way (I do this because most of the time I will have to leave early) I have been told that I am being 'uppity' by whites and that I am 'acting funny' by Blacks.

By not trying to a part of the 'in group' (I have children to mentor and elderly ladies to check on) I seem to be creating a more 'in-in group'.

Was Yahweh Just a Boy?

Ridley Scott's Exodus portrays God as an immature, jealous, spiteful accident prone and emotional being.
If the universe is just 13bn years old and God is going to live for all eternity - how old would he be if he were human?
Is God still learning HOW to be GOD?

Brotha's In the Bible Loved Them Some Sista's

 Solomon probably hooked-up with the Queen of Sheba - The Song of Solomon was probably written about her.
But why does Hollywood seem to have a tough time showing characters from the Bible as anything other than 'white'

I just watched the most recent rendition of the tale of Moses. While kind-of boring, what really caught my eye was that Zipporah was once again European.
Okay, I'll give you that Cleopatra was more than likely more European than African - being a descendant of the Ptolemies and all. 
But can't we get some color in a historical or Biblical story?

I mean, in something other than the animated form?

Why not cast Zoe Saldonna?

While she seems reluctant to claim that she is Black (Similar to Vin Deisel doing so in order to play the largest variety of parts.)
The current Black box office queen's highest grossing movies are those in which her 'race' is questionable.