Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Systemic

Maybe Christopher Dorner was just sick of all the BS within his department.
(The Stanford Prison Experiment x Low IQ Hiring Practices) + Race = Furguson, Missouri.

A Different Era

There is so much money to be made in professional sports these days that many Black athletes have lost touch with their (former) communities.

"Education" Isn't Everything

According to 24/7 Wall St -
The Ten Worst States to be Black in America; (Low Levels of Home Ownership, High Unemployment, High Incarceration Rates, ...)
10 Arkansas
09 Kansas
08 New Jersey
07 Connecticut
06 Michigan
05 Pennsylvania
04 Illinois
03 Rhode Island
02 Minnesota
01 Wisconsin
Of these states, only Arkansas (at number three) is on the same site's list for the Least Educated States in America.
I guess the disparities between races cannot be solved by "education" alone.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Pig's Feet & Doughnuts

Forget Chicken and Waffles - the most interesting Thanksgiving breakfast I've ever been offered in the South so far has to be Pig's Feet & Pancakes.
Since today was Thankgiving - we were offered the more special Pig's Feet & Doughnuts.
(Ummm, no. I passed on this delightful dish but watching several generations of Louisiana Creoles devouring this combination makes me think that this may be the next big thing in regional ethnic meal combinations. Or, maybe NOT.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jigga Please...

"Boycott Black Friday"?
Boy please...!
Unless you're ready to violently overthrow an oppressive institution (The only way any REAL change has been brought about throughout history. I'm not advocating violence but when you are not protected equally under the law, those who administer the law must be removed.) - your collective pennies have little power to accomplish anything at all.
Unless you are planning on using the money you would have spent on creating wealth, goods or services - your pennies are better off with those who will not continue to be subjugated members of a debt-ridden consumer class.
Unless you are willing to spend the money you would have saved on that new flatscreen you've been eyeballin' at a Black-owned business - your pennies are worthless.
Unless you are willing to use the money you would have saved on the improvement of your credit, paying off of bills, having a savings account and investing in your children's futures - your pennies will remain pennies for another generation.
Unless you are collectively using that savings (Which you won't - those low-priced Beats By Dre at Target are just too irresistible.) to create better institutions which better serve your own communities -  your pennies are not even worth their weight in copper.
Unless you are willing to use the money you would have spent on helping people you actually know - your pennies can stay in your pockets.
Unless you are going to do more than boycott - BOY, STFU and become a man.

Crowd Control

People are childish.
(Not you - but everyone else.)
How do I encourage my crowd at the club to spend more money, dress better, prevent fights or even shape the outcomes of local elections or volunteer at local charities?
This series on the National Geographic Channel shows many of the methods I use to maintain a safe and profitable business.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An African Pantheon?

While watching all the films associated with 'The Avengers', my girlfriend's son asked why there were no Black superheroes like Thor.
Good question.
Apparently Eshu/Elegba is not the only African deity known to some.

Monday, November 3, 2014

But Can He Cure Ebola?

('He', being one of the Orisha - not Little Ricky. I never knew Little Ricky was singinging about a Santarian deity?)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chris Brown the Truther?

Ummm.. Does anyone remember how Cra-Cra everyone thought 'Even Stevens' was BEFORE Edward Snowden?
(BTW - I don't think Chris Brown is correct in his views (Not in the sense that he thinks he is.) but I do like that he questions the MSM. There are at least 16 vaccines in development for Ebola/Marburg/Reston (SciBX) while the WHO, NIH and CDC are left scrambling for answers.)
Am I worried? Nope.
Will I try to remain informed? Of course.
But as far as all the hyperbole, conjecture and opinion..?
I think I'll wait for the Michael Moore movie.