Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter Storm

It seems that a bad hurricane season portends cold winters on the Gulf.
We had a few inches of snow down here so I had to make a snowman.
And yes, even when in Texas my snowman had to rep Cali.

Storm Fanboy

 Ororo Munroe (Storm) is best know for being part of the X-Men franchise.
 But Storm has also been a member of the Fantastic Four,
 And the Avengers.

Storm has been married to Black Panther and a member of all three of Marvel's 'Big Three' yet, in movies, she is treated like the superhero version of Dennis Rodman.

 She has battled the Silver Surfer,

And has beaten Wonder Woman - yet she is still used as as mere sidekick.

Cited as a possible 'Omega Level Mutant' - for some reason she fails to develop and use her abilities to their ultimate potential.

Fox superhero movies pretty much suck and they have a lock on my two favorite superbeings (Storm and Silver Surfer).
If a movie, comic book series or animated series were to be developed in which the Surfer took Storm on a spiritual journey across the cosmos in order to learn the deontological ethics required to attain and harness her almost-unlimited abilities - THAT would be my movie.
If The Watchmen, Deadpool and Dr Strange can be developed into relatable characters, why not the Surfer and Storm?

Sure, it could be boring AF but Storm needs study from one who has seen it all and who has become jaded by his many travels and experiences.
Maybe they could even be seen zooming past Dr Manhattan (In a nod to DC) as he is creating another new world.

Halle Berry was terrible (Too lightweight and vapid.) And Alexandra Shipp was too inexperienced.
Give me a movie with an attractive, thoughtful and smart actor and a decent script in which Storm takes her hero's journey and I'm all-in.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Men losing their jobs for acting like men while falling for that brown (or white) sugar twenty years ago?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Game Recognizes Game

 Let's take it from here.
When Bill Clinton chose to play the saxophone on Arsenio Hall, some said that he was not coming across as being 'presidential'.
But the thing is: Bill knew how to play to his audience.
Bill was being a showman.

Regardless of what many partisan voters believe - there is little difference between the philosophical beliefs of these men.

Trump is, and always has been, a showman.
What other role-model could Trump imitate than Vince McMahon?
Each man knew to appeal to the lowest common denominator when selling goods to the general public.
The lower the value - the higher the appeal.

Vince would often play the cad, fool, foil or whatever it took to increase his company's ratings (value).

Now we have this foolishness.
Both Donald Trump and Lonzo Ball are known for making asinine comments and behaving badly.
Both are merely showmen and each is trying to add value to his brand.

Ball could have beaten Jordan?
Trump had a great relationship with The Blacks?
(And I know - of the many mendacious comments put forth by Trump, this is the most innocuous.)

Trump knows Don King, 
and you Lonzo Ball
are no Don King.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Gay Coffee Agenda?

 Some are upset (AGAIN) with Starbucks' most recent holiday cup design.
Some see a lesbian couple sharing an intimate Cinnamon Dolce Latte.
I just thought it was a picture of old friends who hadn't seen each other all year.
Some see two gay men holding hands on an alternate cup design.
I just assumed that it a heterosexual couple.

 I had no idea what McDonald's cup design was intended to convey.
Someone said that it was supposed to be a pair of mittens - others saw a man holding his butt cheeks open (I had to laugh at that observation.).

(Dunkin Donuts 'Joy' cups.) Joyous = Merry = Gay?
I guess if one looks hard enough and assumes what they wish - everyone and everything can be seen as 'gay'.
Maybe some people are just projecting.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Same As It Ever Was

Herbal remedies have been around since the beginning of time.
Sure, only minorities or inferior whites suffer from addiction to such substances - but the use of plant based mood enhancers are common across all economic and social strata.

Opium was first banned back in 1875 in San Francisco.
Probably not because the Chinese used it.
It's use probably spread to the homes of well-to-do and influential upperclass whites - and that could be a problem.

So now Kratom is seen as being just as bad as the Opium it was used to replace?

Maybe we should just settle on the legalization of Marijuana.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

MORE Homework ?

You mean these guys?
The Watchers?

Or the Apocryphal Grigori?

Or Hoda Kotb?

SeeNew - why do your answers always require more homework?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

I Hear Banjo Music

Accusations against Roy Moore - the GOP's US Senate hopeful from Alabama (And founder of Foundation for Moral Law ?) - that he initiated sexual contact with a then 14 year old are being defended by Breitbart and others on the right using examples found in the Bible and past age of consent laws in the state at the time
Age of Consent varies by state and each state has it's own exceptions (sometimes contradictory) to their these laws.

When I was 14, I knew a girl named Sophia who was 12.
When she'd come to the community pool, we'd avoid her as though she had the cooties.
The thing was, she looked and was built like Pam Grier - at TWELVE!
For horny teenaged boys - she was just too much.
We'd heard stories that she had already been sexually active but to us she was just too young.

Except for our homeboy Willie.
Willie didn't care.
Willie did what we all thought about but that we could not bring ourselves to actually doing.
Willie came back and told us about how he had gotten together with the girl.
'Man, she's in the sixth grade!?', we'd reply.
For the whole while the girl lived in our complex she became our 'little sister'.
Our job was then to protect her from all the older guys trying to hook-up with her.
We teamed her up with an older girl named Stephanie (another bodied-up and pretty - but age appropriate for us - girl) who was tasked with keeping the young girl out of trouble.
Willie was shunned and teased for his indiscretion and no excuses were made to justify his actions.

We were kids,
in the hood - and we knew what was right and what was wrong.