Saturday, August 19, 2017

Where the White Women At?

Maybe the women in the Alt-Right don't like mosquitos? 
Looking at photos from the recent Charlottesville rally there doesn't seem to be many women actively engaged in protesting while holding citronella torches.
Maybe they knew that there was a likelihood of violence so they sent their men to do a man's job.

I really do understand.
After decades of Civil Rights and Title IX advances just being an average white guy in America is not enough to guarantee your success.
You yearn for a simpler time.
A time reminiscent of Happy Days, Mad Men, or The Donna Reed Show.
A time before Obama, the Williams Sisters and Hip-Hop.
A time when just being white almost guaranteed that you were right.

Your ideal is Barbie and Ken.
Good looking, fit, active - white society at its best.

But even Barbie and Ken have evolved.
Tubby Ken, Black Ken, Hipster Ken,...
These days, even Barbie has a multi-ethnic circle of friends.

And as every boy who has a sister knows,
Barbie has always preferred the alpha male Joe anyway.

So now it's time for the white male to assert his manhood.
(Even if it means working with gay authors, activists and provocateurs.)
It's time for the white male to reclaim his societal losses and to prove that he is more manly than Ken - that he is the Alpha-Joe.

Sure, that's fine.
I'm not sure I like the look of Antifa anyway.

The Alt-Left (BAMN, Antifa, Black Lives Matter,.....) hipsters seem to be spoiling for a fight as well.
The thing that's odd about the left though is the over-representation of womyn.
It seems as though the womyn on the left are the impetus.
It seems that the womyn are the leaders.
(Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that.)
This whole Alt-Left v. Alt-Right  battle is looking more and more like a bunch of gay men fighting against lesbians. 

(How the Alt-Right views itself on social media.)

Either that or a bunch of of no-game Kens trying to dress up and pretend that they're Joes.

Honestly, I'm happy Trump won.
The racial truce agreed upon by many under Obama seems to be null and void so it makes it easier to see who represents the 35%.
Even at his peak Obama had only about a 63% approval rating.
What about that other 37%?
Well, those are the same 37% who still view Trump favorably - those who will never be swayed nor convinced otherwise.

Somewhere in Between

Being Anti-Alt-Right does not mean that one is Pro-Antifa.

Equal Responsibility

 Social Media is not your friend.
It will not keep your secrets and you will judged accordingly
Maria Chappelle Nadal must have missed the memo.

When she tweeted (and then deleted) a call for Trump's assassination she - as an elected official -  opened herself up to criticism from those who are more restrained, sensible and civil.
In this age of accountability - if one wishes for equal authority then he must take equal responsibility and then deal with the consequences.
(Even if it costs you your job.)

Even Six Flags?

The theme park gets its name from the six flags of sovereign nations that have flown over all or parts of the current boundaries of Texas (Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America, and the United States of America).

Six Flags flew the Confederate Flag not the more recognizable Battle Flag.

The state even continued this theme in the design of its statehouse.

 To avoid any controversy the theme park has gone with an All American concept.
Believe me - there are plenty of angry Rednecks right about now.

I'd heard the story of the origins of the company name but I never really thought about it.
I was more familiar with Magic Mountain's more generic interpretation on the theme.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The South Lost


The destruction of a conquered culture's art, religious symbols, and history is as old as mankind itself.
The fact that the winners allowed a defeated enemy to celebrate itself may have been due to the desire of many to heal and unite a relatively young country.
Sure, Blacks and other 'minorities' were treated like Metics in their adopted country but the country itself was more concerned with reconciliation between its white male population and an occasional statue honoring a fallen general was seen as a minor consolation.

But times and priorities change...

There eventually comes a time when the old way of thinking will no longer do.
There comes a time when the desires of the many outweighs the desires of the few.

I've never been offended by Civil War statues nor most of the memorabilia.
To me, it was just a quaint reminder of how far our country has come.
I viewed the ' The South Will Rise Again' slogans the same way I viewed Texans saying, 'Remember the Alamo' - poor things, bless your hearts - you lost those conflicts.

The recent trend of removing Civil War relics has had its consequences.
Antifa vs Alt-Right seems to be the twenty first century's version of a civil (Sometimes, [Well... most of the time] not so civil.) war of beliefs and methods.

Maybe they should just keep the statues where they stand.
Maybe the nearest statue in each municipality should be the designated site for the annual Juneteenth celebrations.

But a less controversial - and probably more desirable - solution may be to create an American version of Lithuania's Grutas Park.

I doubt that many Southerners would favor this idea (from Paraguay) of repurposing statues from the losing side.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

November 8, 2015

The day people with something of value had to show a bunch of feckless and effete mandinkies how the game is really played.
After two months of protests, a hunger strike, limited media attention and a bunch of whining by members of Concerned Student 1950,
no one seem to notice and even fewer really cared.

But then the Mandingos were called in to teach the crybabies a thing or two.
Putting their scholarships (and likely their livelihoods) on the line - The Mandingos put an end to the mess quick, fast and in a hurry.

But then the protests at and near the UVa campus happened.
Protests at a college or university are to be expected - historically speaking.

After that mess (an an apparent co-sign from the reigning POTUS) Richard Spencer wanted to take his show on the road.

The protest scheduled for SEC school Texas A&M (One of the more Conservative schools in country) ended up being cancelled.
The University of Florida? Nope.
These schools have too much to lose if members of their football teams view them as fostering a hostile environment.

Note to Richard Spencer:
If you wish to organize a Unite-the-White rally on a college campus, choose a D-3 school (Or at least a D-1 with a terrible football team.).

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Is It 45 1/2 or 45* ?

Be careful what you wish for,
Trump may get impeached yet.

Sure, he lacks political acumen and social grace but he may be the only hedge between the Deep State and yourself.

Mike Pence as POTUS?
Nah, he'll get caught up in the Russiagate mess and be forced to resign.

Maybe Paul Ryan can more easily be bought and controlled so count on the establishment coalescing around his ascension.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Add Another American Terrorists to the List

Even Trump says that the events in Charlottesville were terrorist acts - in spite of threats from David Duke.
Better late than never but good job Mr Trump.
Way to find your balls and common sense.

The Daily News has been telling it like it is for a while now, without the euphemisms.

Mass shootings by lonely dudes with no game have been a problem way before Trump - even before Obama but there seems to be an uptick in recent years. 
White men have been the overwhelming perpetrators of mass shootings on American soil - even more often than Latinx, Blacks and Muslim men combined.
(And that's not even counting Timothy McVeigh's protest.)

Let's see the events which have transpired since this weekend's events.

Twitter site 'You're a Racist' is outing protesters left and right.
One has been disowned by his family, one has been Kaepernicked from his job, others have tried to backpedal and others are deleting their facebook accounts.
I agree with free speech but there are always consequences to one's actions and 'personal responsibility' is something in which these dudes believe.

 And what's up with Ohio?
Not only does the state have a problem with painkillers they seem to have a problem with attempted killers as well.
And internet doxing ain't to be played with.

Both the guy who ran over Heather Heyer, (with the black Home Depot shield)...

...and one of the guys who beat Deandre Harris are from the state.
Maybe Trump's next big initiative needs to be better Mental Healthcare (without prescribing oxy.).