Sunday, November 28, 2010


People think that I hate fat people - I don't think that I do but being in the South for so long, I'm just sick of them.
Back in Cali a friend once commented that we only had two friends who possessed excessive girth.
But it wasn't as though we chose our fiends by their weight - it was only that many of those with excessive weight did not fit into our lifestyle.
In fact, I didn't even notice most fat people.
Here in this small town... almost everybody is fat.

I think someone can be in the same place for too long.
Cops experience this after many years of doing the same thing with many of the same people committing many of the same crimes.
Social workers experience this when they've dealt with too many needy people for too long while being able to do too little.
After a while only negative reactions are produced whenever anyone resembling a similar demographic is encountered.

I'm sick of the ghetto as well.
After deciding to turn the vacant land left after crackheads burned down a few houses into a community farm - those from the area stole the materials intended to build a greenhouse.
Others (or maybe it was the same people) stole fruit trees panted early to enable the trees to take root and last through the Winter.
When I asked around it was said to me that people stole these things because I wouldn't miss them, that I could afford to replace them, that these people thought of themselves as Robin Hood.
If this is the thinking of many of those in the hood, I'm through with the hood.
In fact, I don't even care (right now) if I can make a lot of money dealing with those in the hood.

But what causes one to think that he can find the proverbial "Holy Grail"?
What causes one to think that he can find the answer to an eternal problem?
Is a man who attempts to find a hidden treasure or an answer to an unanswerable problem just being arrogant?
And is such arrogance necessary to even undertake such a task?

But this type of arrogance sometimes leads one to be in situations where he is overwhelmed.
This type of thinking more often leads one to be in situations where he is in just a little bit over his head.
This mindset seems to be required for one who is capable of playing from behind.
But Indiana Jones went home sometimes.
Indy understood that, from time to time, he needed to get away from those situations which offered both the most satisfaction and the most disappointment.


DF said...

The sweet spot is to find the medium most effective. Arrogance is needed any time people take on something that hasn't been done.

In history many have tried but we only remember those who succeed. We look at the Indy's and say Wow but the moat below is full of the blood of those who thought they could do it.

As for the ghetto and the mentality the goal is to find a solution within the current mentality. If we always start off with what's wrong we never see what right. If the devil has taken over then in order to change the demons we may have to use the devil's tactics as that's what they support.

The lack of emotion is what you are seeing but instead of acting in kind we respond with emotion. The answer may lie in being cold and calculated and building without caring.

brohammas said...

As with Indy movies, maybe the journey is in fact more important than the goal.
Maybe helping others is just one method of improving the helper.