Monday, November 1, 2010


Most years I write about the vaunted, heralded and sublime USC Football program.
But after years of gloating, I thought that I was becoming too haughty.
That I needed to take some time away from being superior to those who only dream of having their team win 11 national titles, or spending a record 33 consecutive weeks ranked as the #1 team in the country, or having 7 Heisman trophy winners, or playing in a record 7 BCS Bowl games, or...
I'm sure even Alabama (The only school with more bowl victories than USC) fans are getting tired as well.
It just gets old feeling as though ones deserves to always be better than the rest.
So I'm taking this year off from college football.
In fact, I'm so jaded by the tradition of greatness that I will more than likely take next year off as well.
But I have to give brohammas his due - he is correct, the BSC is just a beauty pageant with it's teams being chosen in popularity contest-like balloting.
I'm so jaded by the hypocrisy that I need to just enjoy the game for what it is without being mired in a tradition of greatness.
Until then, I'll leave this frivolity to those so inclined.


brohammas said...

How those grapes taste, cuz they look sour?

uglyblackjohn said...

Huh? You mean you follow college football as well?