Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Played

 Unless it's your local election, your vote doesn't really matter.
Chances are, you're getting played like characters from a video game.
You may look like you have power, you may think you have power, you may even have all the moves down - but chances are, you are just doing what others have programmed you to do.
You are probably fighting over things that you don't really even want.
You are probably working to buy things you didn't even know existed (until you saw your neighbor or friend with one first).
You probably hate people you don't even know or who have no impact on your day-to-day life.

These connectivity graphs were jacked from
Those you have elected today are now vying for positions within the middle management that is our Federal Government.
I'm no conspiracy theorist (There are far too many unforeseen variables for any one man or group to fully understand and/or control.), but the intent is there.
Illuminati, Bilderburg, The Koch brothers, Soros, Masons, whatever... .
They can only control you as long as you remain a player in their game.


DF said...

Well as long as they guilt you into voting by saying people died for you to get a chance we'll be voting for the hell of it. For the hell of it is what we'll get in return and we'll remain part of their game.

The game is a crock as no matter which way you vote you come out as a loser as the things that will change your life are not on the ballot. Why participate at all in something where even if your side wins the bloodsucker doesn't do what you wanted?

If you build a big enough maze the mice will keep running thinking there's something there!

Anonymous said...

What John? You lie! I know I'm not a puppet because Glen Beck told me I wasn't.

Val said...