Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obsolete Luxury - Memorex

 Back in the day - listening to one of these this was a top of the line personal music experience.
But now the Walkman has gone the way of... well. the cassette.
Even though most people would not be seated in a Bauhaus chair while their butler put in a Wagner cassette - the image worked to sell Maxell (not TDK or Memorex)  tapes to millions.
But the best marketing came from the guys at Alpine.
Apparently the guys bought one Lamborghini and placed an Alpine cassette stereo in it so they could say that this Lambo did in fact have an Alpine stereo.
But Lambo's did not come with an Alpine until the poster became even more popular than that of Farrah Fawsett adorned in her ubiquitous red swim suit.

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Liam said...

damn that was a smart business move, tho i doubt they knew it would play out exactly as it did but i like coming up on stories such as these, sometimes you never know how good (or bad) an idea will be until you execute it.