Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Don't Get...

 The appeal of Brandy.
To me, she looks like a trout.
No wait... a catfish.
Her eyes are too far apart and coupled with that big forehead and gaping mouth...
Yeah... a catfish.
 Yeah, I know...
A lot of guys like Janet Jackson.
But to me she looks too much like Mike to be an attractive girl.
 I have nothing against Gingers or being pale.
Marcia Cross is sexy but Julianne Moore just does nothing for me.
Her lack of muscle tone (A trait shared with another girl I just don't get - Taylor Swift. Blake Lively is also tall, blond and thin but Blake is attractive while Taylor just repulses me. Carrie Underwood is more hot as far as the country contingent from American Idol goes.) and thinly enameled teeth are just a turn off.
 Julia Roberts has a crooked mouth as well.
But Ms Roberts can pull-off what Kyra Sedgewick cannot.
 Maybe she can sing - I wouldn't know.
But this homely girl needs those outlandish outfits to take the attention away from her looks.
Mylie Cyrus is just about 18 so she is now fair game.
While I'm not from her desired demographic - this girl is just homely.


brohammas said...

Seriously I have NEVER liked Moesha, er... Brandy. Her face to mouth ratio is waaaaay off. Worse than her face is her overdeveloped case of neediness, as in PLEEEEEASE like me, please?

Janet looks like her brother because of the family surgeon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone but the Julianne Moore one... She is so hot, especially in Chloe and The Kids Are All Right.

DF said...

It's the fame that pulls the lame and average into attractiveness. With men it's money while women if they get enough people saying it then it'll make the average guy think twice.

For example I don't think too many of the models are pretty. They are below average and even weird looking with better makeup.

It's rare to see really beautiful women nowadays. But you're list is pretty accurate except for your voluptuous hood rat fetish. LOL