Monday, November 8, 2010

Matthew 20:16

Matthew 20:16 (KJV) - "So the last shall be first and the first last. For many are called, few few chosen." 
The Founding Fathers were rebels.
No, not in the Southern sense - but in the sense that they were outsiders and lightly thought of in a time ruled by despotic emperors and kings.
These men thought that all men were equals (Non-whites were not yet thought of as being men.).
The country only made progress because these men thought beyond that which was accepted as being normal.
These men made progress because they were not a part of the elite.

But then the concepts and models used by these men became outdated.
Since the new establishment could not innovate beyond their previous innovations, these men then took the ideas of others and called them their own.
This model of theft and then inclusion is still used today.
 Rock was dead before groups like The Clash added new energy as outsiders.
Pop music was dead until outsiders added Rap as a genre.
But this is true in all genres.
Generations of outsiders (Blacks) revived music before.
Jazz, Rock, Country, Rap, whatever - it is the outsider who innovates.
Even in the Rap world - the outsider dominates.
The West brought the genre back with Gangsta' Rap when those from the East were being spiritual.
The South is now the previously underestimated region to add new life to the genre.
What's next - Rap from the Third World?

If we are looking for innovators we need to look at those who are not a part of the current system - not to those who have spent their whole lives trying to gain access to the establishment.
At those who turn their backs on the establishment.
We need to look at the outsider.

This is why Obama is failing.
As an outsider, he was a king.
As a member of the elite, he a pawn.
But the establishment buys and sells souls knowing this.
This is why Sarah Palin remains a force - she is still considered to be an outsider.
Unlike individuals - for institutions, the real change is made by he who is on the outside.


Liam said...

spot on as usual.

brohammas said...

rap from the third world?
A) Third World is a Reggae group.
B) K'Naan is fantastic