Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looks Are Subjective

 While Anon commented that he/she thought that Julianne Moore was in fact an attractive woman - I'd have to disagree.
But that's okay.
Different people like different people.
Another "I Don't Get" chick would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker.
While on the short lived Square Pegs, I thought she was a bit homely but with potential.
But now I think she is one of the most overrated 'beauties' being pushed by movie studios today.
 But sometimes people like what they are not expected to like.
No, I'm not talking a bout seeing a group of Black people listening to songs by Hall and Oats, Toto or the Tom Tom Club and knowing all the words.
More like seeing Snoop chillin' while listening to Duran Duran.

The one JAP who gives me the vapours is Stacy London.
I have no idea as to 'why' - I just think she's hot.
And don't get me started on 'Around the Way Girls'.
I really can't stand Hood Rats.
The Real Hoodrats of the ATL's Nene bugs the ish out of me.
But there is something about Paula Jai Parker as a Hood Rat that gets me going.
Dressed normal - not so much.


brohammas said...

O heavens this is my issue.. I'm with Jim ROme in thinking that Sarah JEssica and Dee Snyder are really the same person.

I call it the "Blossom" principle. not unlike the Heffernon theory, but this one takes issue with the miss-casting of ladies in leading roles. The old sitcom Blossom had this girl in situations like having two dates on the same night.... !?! In real life that girl would have NO DATES. Man she was... not good looking. Like on "Who's the Boss?" Tony Miceli had all sortsa hot ladies chasing him left and right and we are supposed to believe he has this thing for two toned hair Angela? COme On.

Sex and the City=Blossom Principle.

DF said...

I don't usually comment on looks but this time I have to agree. AND I agree with brohammas and the blossom principle.

I think they did that so the average fat guy working at UPS feels he can get a smart ass reasonably attractive italian lady.

We have to remember that TV is what dreams are made of. It's just people want the dream so much that they take ALF off the screen and become scared of aliens.