Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ugly Cookies

 I think they were supposed to look like this...
Or maybe this.
Every year I get a lot of plates of food made for me by grateful people.
But this year there seemed to be a new theme.
The theme of having the kids make a batch of cookies.
I'm sure they did their best - but of the dozens of cookies I received, maybe ten were edible.
Of course I choked each 'delicious' morsel down with the help of a cold glass of milk while the kids looked on - but it was rough.
(The cookies were often burned or had too much sugar or too many sprinkles and I'm lactose intolerant. Those cookies were a pain both coming and going.)
Man... the things one does to keep thankful kids happy.


DF said...

Or you could've packaged them all up and said let's give them to hopeless. Then the bums would've been trying to choke down shit saying the things they have to do to keep the guilt ridden happy.

Liam said...

its amazing what we do to keep kids smiling isnt it?

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