Monday, November 8, 2010

California IS Conservative

 With states such as Iowa or Connecticut passing laws which recognize gays marriages as being legal
- many thought voters in California would pass Prop. 8 giving gays the same rights as non-gays in the forum of marriage.
 With laws which allow medical marijuana already in place, many thought that California would vote in favor of Prop. 19 in such a left-leaning state. (There is no Cannabis Lobby group which could regulate production and taxes on the product.)
But most people only know California from their own limited perspective, or what they've heard or read, or by what they've seen on TV.
But California is a conservative state.
Iconic Conservative presidents such as Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Gerald ford called the state home. (Although only Nixon was born there.)
TBN is based there.
Arnold was the governor of the Democrat-leaning state.
Military bases abound.
Generally speaking, people there vote more on policy than on party.
And the proposed policies on Gay Marriage and/or Legalized Marijuana just didn't jibe with the public-think at the time.
California is still a Conservative state.


Reggie said...

Maybe you're right John. It's not like San Francisco is the entire state.

When I think liberal, I've thought California.....maybe I'm wrong?!?

DF said...

"people there vote more on policy than on party" I think that's what separates my thinking on politics. I don't care who is saying what I am pretty much going on what I think is best. Most of the time California votes liberal on freedoms and conservative on morals. Also, the beauty of California is you have a lot of people who are progressive like Frisco outlawing plastic bags which will soon be state wide, smoking ban, medicinal marijuana and the repeal of the 3 strikes law.

I really think the majority of people who think California is liberal are transplants because everyone here knows the only liberal areas are in the cities and the rest of it is farmland republican conservatives. It's just no one has found a way to make migrant farming entertaining to watch.