Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"...Called Me a Racist..."

George Bush had his feelings hurt by Kanye West?
As Mr West tactlessly attempted to draw attention to the unbalanced coverage and assistance given to Blacks after Katrina - he could have done it with more class.
Some would argue that Kanye was speaking up for those who had no voice.
Okay, I'll give you that - but it was done from the safety of celebrity.
And I'm positive that Mr West would have never dared pick on anyone less than a frail, frightened white girl.
If Kanye is so militant - why did he apologize?
Oh I forgot - he isn't really the one running things in the rap game and the powers that be punished him for his outspokenness while Ms Swift had her best year ever..


Liam said...

George Bush really is stupid, 8 years....smh

DF said...

C'mon UBJ you know why Bush was offended. It's one thing for someone to infer your racist and another for someone to outright say it. None of the closet racists want to be called racist in the public.

Now I said this in my Negro Dialect for emphasis but I didn't mean it in a degrading way! LOL we all know what it is it's just they don't want to be called it in public.

Anonymous said...

hey DF or should I call you dumb fuck .. that president that you call racist did more and spent more than anybody helping with the AIDS in you homeland of africa

DF said...

You can just call me DF.

Aids is a worldwide problem just because he spends money in a Black area I'm supposed to think he's not racist.

Just because you help a old Black lady across the street doesn't mean you won't call her son a Ni99er the next day.

I know you want to be good it's just not your nature. So stay anonymous.