Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's a Popularity Contest

 Not a talent show.
So Brandy was a better dancer than Bristol Palin....
But Mario was better than Emmit, Mel B was better than Helio and Mya should have beaten Marie Osmond.
But like all fan-based voting shows - this is a popularity contest not a talent show.


DF said...

This kind of television programming is bottom feeding at it's best. Sometimes I see the sheep and what they worry about makes you want to not talk to anyone anymore.

On point anything that is on TV is for popularity reasons. For anyone to think the best will win is a fool. Even basketball had Jordan Rules, football throws a BS flag when Tom Brady says it.

We are watching the guppies eat the flaky fish food but marketing has somehow made a fat sloppy no talent daughter of a idiot entertainment.

DPizz said...

You a bitch-ass Nicca for watching this ish anyway (apparently every damn season too) smh

brohammas said...

I never did like Moesha, but anyone who doesnt take the tea party seriously should see DWTS as a warning.
... and that warning is that the tea party doesnt need talent or ability in its winners.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - I like a lot of reality TV.
I watch those construction/decor shows now and then. I watch Trump's show sometimes and the shows where people pitch their concepts to investors.
Undercover Boss is good.
But all these contest shows - I have no interest.
(Although Amazing Race would be fun. Travel the world and if you do it well you get a monetary prize.).

@ DPizz - I catch two or three epeisodes most years.

@ brohammas - Good point, I wish I would have thought of that.

DF said...

@UBJ - I too watch a lot of reality TV but it's really to observe marketing at it's finest. Somehow the ugly women in Atlanta have turned out to be trendsetter by nothing other than they are on TV.

Seeing is Beliving!

@brohammas - Some of us know when we see a lynch mob form. The good thing is this time it's against the establishment but I'll keep watch to see where the angry mob turns next.