Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Don't Get...

Racist apologists who project their own racism on the whole of others within their own race.
When I see a Black guy on the local news for having robbed a bank, selling drugs or killing someone - I feel no need to apologize.
Because it wasn't me.


Liam said...

i think even non racist whites are confused with what racism is. maybe this guy feels guilty for throwin round the nigger word a few times too many...who knows? in any case i really want to know the demographic for this book...who reads stuff like this and why?

brohammas said...

I'm the demographic for the book. I planned to read it.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Liam - There is a blogger who plies her trade with all the vitriol of a victim of racism herself.
IMOHO - Some people just try to project their own racism on others.

@ brohammas - Why? It might be an interesting read but there is no need for you to feel guilt.
(Or is there something you're not telling us?)

brohammas said...

Guilt has nothing to do with it at all.
One challenge I have in getting white people motivated to deal with matters of race, is getting them to realize a problem even exists.
There is such thing as white privelege yet very fiew people wo have it, realize it.
It has nothing to do with fault or guilt, but more to do with opening eyes to a reality one didnt realize existes.
I would read the book for perspective and ideas on idea presentation.