Sunday, November 28, 2010


 My old high school sucked in football.
But that never mattered as long as we beat the team from the 'rich school' across town.
But recently my old high school has become the standard for success.
That is until this year.
This year my old school has only won two games - but one of those wins was against our crosstown rival so the season was not a total bust.
 And even though Utah sucks more than normal this year - but at least they beat BYU in the Mormon Bowl.
If I were to be paying attention to college football this year (or maybe next) I would still care that USC lost to those potato eaters from Notre Dame.
But the thing is - I'm too distracted by having hot women on the sidelines...
Instead of watching some dudes jumping and screaming with some stubby and ugly girls.
The only thing worse than being a USC Trojan fan this year is being a fan of choke-prone Alabama.

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brohammas said...

I delayed an 8 hour drive to watch that Mormon Bowl and it was some of the worst football I have seen in years. It so bad that my team won and I still left angry.