Friday, November 5, 2010

C'mon Jesse

 I've always liked Soledad O'Brien - always thought she was cute and well spoken.
But I've never liked Jesse Jackson.
He may have had a lot to say back in the day - but I could never understand what it was.
The guy speaks in a garbled manner, as though he has an ever present dick in his mouth.
But his speaking style is not he point.
What he has to say is.

Recently, one of the two most highly publicized racial panderers is said to have made Soledad O'Brien question her own racial identity.
With one touch, the man seems to have devalued Ms O'Brien's value as a Black woman.
But Mr Jackson's thinking is antiquated and of little use.
Mr. Jackson is a product of the Antebellum South (Or at least the Pre-Civil Rights South.) - identifying oneself as the perpetual victim as being a good model for advancement.
This line of thinking keeps one in a prone position just waiting to get screwed.

But Mr Jackson cannot help himself.
Mr Jackson is only of value when he is fighting a perceived enemy.
But since Mr Jackson is now part of the establishment against which he was trying to do battle, he cannot do battle with his masters so he picks another one of the servants.
In a time when old guys like Jesse should be passing the baton, this self serving publicity hound is attempting to run the entire race himself.
And then when he loses, he will again blame his race or "The Man" for his shortcomings.

Okay Jesse, I get it.
Soledad, Hoda Kotb, Jenna Wolf, and... . are all too light to be Black in it's truest sense.
Robin Roberts, Tamryn Hall and, ... are all too attractive and fit to truly represent Blacks in media.
Others are Ivy-educated, or Republican or too rich to represent Blacks well.
I know Jesse, only the underclass Blacks are true Blacks.
Only those who have failed to progress are representative of what it is to be Black in America.


brohammas said...

Jesse is a clown. Having had the opportunity to "peek over the wall" I now know that most black people believe he is a clown as well.
White people do not know black people think this way which results in white people thinking the black community at large think in ways similar to Jesse...
I am in no position to tell anyone, let alone a group, what to do or think, but Jesse is doing enough damage to race relations now, that it far outweighs any good he did back in the day.
Dude is not just a clown, he's making it worse.

uglyblackjohn said...

And some Blacks think that everyone white thinks like the pundits on Fox.

Reggie said...

I used to have respect for Jesse back in the day. I respected him when he was running for president and before that. But, of course, I was a youngster then; and back then I associated the man with MLK. I didn't realize that he wasn't good enough to hold MLKs microphone until I was a little older.

I didn't realize that he was the type of person that only showed up for the check until years later. He's made about 5 or 6 gaffes too many for me.

He's living on old glory.......Soledad's beautiful ass just flat out needs a spanking.