Thursday, November 18, 2010


Most days are not perfect - most days are just... days.
But what of he who seeks danger and excitement?
What of he who walks away from the rest of the pack and strikes out on his own to discover his own personal treasures?
Life, sports, business, hobbies, whatever... .
What drives some to walk away from a life of comfort to find that which is his true motivation?
Why do some accept what is given while others are so arrogant that they imagine that they can control their own destinies?

Most days are just days.
But what causes some to look for the good where others find flaws?
What causes some to look beyond the curtain?
What causes some to choose the red pill?
What causes some to dump down the rabbit hole?
Why do some challenge themselves, their surroundings or their culture in an effort to live more fully?

Is there some type of Indiana Jones gene?
Are some hardwired to go where others fear or do what others say cannot be done?
Someone once said that Alice saved herself because she came back from the rabbit hole - while all the truly crazy characters remained there.


brohammas said...

Deep down, well.... not really that deep, I wish I was Indy.

uglyblackjohn said...

Dude - you already have the bag.