Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Untended Garden

As I listen to parents complain that their children are scrubs - I have to remind them that it is largely their own fault.

Every kid is a genius until about the fifth grade.
Most parents can assist their kids with their homework at the elementary school level - it is only after the child's classes become too difficult for a parent to understand that a child becomes 'stupid'.
Even if a parent once knew the material, without use, most information is forgotten.
The teachers at my cousin's school were shocked that I asked to buy the same text books from the classes my cousins were taking.
When I explained that I needed them to review the material so I could better tutor my cousins with their homework the principal loaned me the teacher's versions at no cost.

ed says, "Birds don't teach their chicks to fly by chirping at them.".
This is true.
Most parents fail to take the time to teach their children anything.
Most just tell their children instead.
Most set rules but few follow through with consequences.
Most reward their children for their own shortcomings as parents.
But this is not love - this is just lazy.

Most bad kids come from bad parents.
Most bad parents don't tend to their children.
If one fails to tend to his garden and it fails to produce fruit but instead becomes overgrown with weeds - who is at fault?
Is it not the fault of the parent for failing to tend to the true needs of his child?
"My son (or daughter) ain't shit!", is a common complaint from many parents.
But if the seeds to being a scrub were all that were planted and nurtured by the parent - how can they be mad that the children turned out to be anything else?


DF said...

No one likes to admit fault in any walk of life so why would you expect parents to admit it. If you leave a field to grow it'll grow weeds and that's probably what they'll end up smoking and selling.

We are living through a generation of immature parents. Who don't know how to sacrifice for anything. Their recklessness is creating a tidal wave of failure for a generation.

So the question is were there parents just as f'd up or did something critical intervene to cause a loss of the transfer of knowledge and norms? We are passing a stone right now and that stone is the children of drug users.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - I straight up tell these women that their children are their fault - they just cannot accept it.

DF said...

And UBJ they never will! To them it's too late and they are letting the weeds get out of control. To You someone has to mow the lawn and you are getting pissed off that most likely it will be you!