Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back In The Day

People hate to hire me to build houses - I'm too expensive.
I use real wood trim and mouldings not Melamine.
I use 2x6 lumber for exterior walls not 2x4's.
I insert fire blocks every four feet in height instead of leaving weak, unsupported studs.
I add boards to hang cabinets, toilet paper holders or curtains to every wall.
I use plywood not MDF or OSB.

But this is all because of my upbringing.
We were accustomed to seeing buildings which also functioned as Fallout Shelters.
The average age of public school buildings in America is 42 years.
But these buildings were built using rebar reinforced and concrete filled cinder blocks with a brick facade - not steel studs, foam and stucco.
Many older schools were built to withstand an expected nuclear attack.
Today, most schools could not withstand tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes.


amanda said...

We have had a spate of cars driving into homes here lately. It is incredible how easily they can penetrate into some-ones lounge or bedroom. It really doesn't give me any confidence in modern building techniques.

Anonymous said...

Yup! The old way was best. These modern buildings are almost disposable made on the cheap!

Around here some old houses are made of something called "cemento armado" I guews it would translate as "armoured cement"? Maybe you would know UBJ? But, the thing is, this stuff can't even be knocked down with a demolishing ball! Lord is it strong!!!