Friday, November 5, 2010

Movie Day

It seems that we have gone from Fall to Winter in a matter of days.
As the nights seem longer and colder, reading a good book is often a productive way to pass the time.
But we live is a more visual and immediate time - a time of software and imagery.
The Matrix is often cited as being movie which initiated a turning point in the way we view ourselves.
Sure, I'll agree with that - but what lies beyond the ideas of The Matrix?
Pi is a crazy movie in which a guy goes crazy through this understanding.
What The (Bleep)...? attempts to break down the reasoning behind such a downward spiral.
Guy Richie's Revolver explains that the only true enemy is oneself.

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Reggie said...

Guy Richie's "Snatch" is a helluva movie. I really enjoyed that. I can also say that I really enjoyed "The Crying Game" back in the day because my wife and I saw it in a matinee and she didn't realize what was happening until old boy dropped trou and she saw his "dingaling". I love the movie because it's different, but also because it made my wife run out of a theatre.