Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voting For Change

It's not surprising that Scott Brown beat Martha Coakly to replace Ted Kennedy as Massachusetts's' new senator.
Coakly felt that shaking hands in front of Fenway Stadium in the cold with prospective voters was too much to ask in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1.
Coakly felt as though her thirty point lead was insurmountable.
That being of the same party as Kennedy and Obama was enough to ensure her election.

But the Democrat machine failed to grasp the reason behind Brown's and Obama's elections.

Sure, most Republican men would love to do Sarah Palin and most Republican women would love to be her - but this doesn't explain her appeal to the masses who attend her book signings and support their local tea parties.
Okay, Ms Palin seems confused by softball questions from Katie Curic and now Sean Hannity (Naming "Founding Fathers" is a tough question?) - but her appeal isn't her intelligence.

Ms Palin represents the reason Obama was elected - "Change".

Many Blacks voted for Obama because of his race - but this support wasn't automatic.
Obama had to convince Black voters that he was a capable candidate.
A year prior to his election - Michelle Obama was lamenting over the lack of support for her husband within the Black community itself.
But even with 100% of the Black vote - Obama couldn't win the general election.
Obama had to appeal to a greater number of voters.

But how could a Black man with a strange name and a questionable past win the Presidency?
How could an apparent outsider beat a long serving senator with a military past?
By being the perceived outsider.

People voted for Obama because they thought he would shake things up in Washington.
People assumed that Obama would look out for the common man - not the ruling oligarchy.
(By paying off every American's outstanding student loans (est. $960 mil.) or outstanding credit card debts (est. $980 mil.) - people would have have less debt, banks would have had more money, and people would have been free from the onus of the ruling class. Without debt - the ruling class has little power.)
People assumed that Obama's race limited him to "outsider" status.
(But people failed to understand that Obama was the Manchurian Candidate.
That Obama was inculcated in the philosophies and morality that have ruled this nation for centuries. Obama's connections were to the social elite - not the common man.)
People assumed that Obama could deliver on health care.
(Between Medicare, The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the VA - we have enough of an existing infrastructure to create a publicly owned company that could compete with greedy insurance and pharmaceutical companies. But this would require the elimination of many redundant jobs within the government - and who wants that?)
People assumed that Obama would pull troops out of the Middle-East.
(But since this is really a war seeking others' resources and not the elimination of "terrorists" (many of which America has created) - backing out of this war would hinder the expansion of the American Empire.)

Was the election of Scott Brown a referendum on Obama's?
Nope - people are just tired of being ruled by it's government instead of being served.
With Blacks winning seats in the South, Gays winning elections in large cities - Scott Brown's election is a referendum on those who are arrogant.
On those who feel as though the country belongs to the elite.
What people are hoping for is a real change.
And if our politicians can't deliver that - we will change our elected officials.


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FreeMan said...

From One devil to another because nothing really changes. I guess Mass. will get tired of him and in 2 years vote him out again out of disgust. I don't know why people don't see that nothing really changes without some sort of rebellion. A rebellion not in spirit but on the streets. Otherwise the powers that be have no reason to change because you are pacified with electing the Hope of Change.

Now I'm not advocating rebellion. The ish is a game so you elect someone you don't like him later but you can't kick him out til 2 years later. 2 years from now you forgot why you hated him and then he sells you another lie. He kisses your kids, and shakes your hand and speaks loud and you get suckered again.

Politics is a Soap Opera for the Intellectuals because nothing is really happening but it's great to talk about it. The Ignorant are satisfied with Everybody Loves Raymond.

uglyblackjohn said...

But minorities are marginalized because many vote solely based on racial lines, or party lines - instead of seeking he who will best serve their needs.
It seems that the Independent voter is the one wielding current power.