Friday, January 1, 2010

The Shape Of The Universe

Are we viewing the Trinity from the wrong perspective?

If we view a segment of DNA from it's side - the segment resembles a model of a light cone.
But this shape could also suggest an ever expanding image of the Trinity.
(Father on one side, Son represented by the bounds of the other side, and Holy Ghost representing the final connection between the Two - forming a triangle.)

Since God is said to have no beginning nor end...
Was time created like this <-----*-----> (Simultaniously creating a past and a future)...
Instead of like this *-----> (Having a beginning but no end)?
When God said "I AM" - was this His point of gaining consciousness?
Was His "I AM" moment really the Big Bang?
If so, What is "Life"?
What role would satan play in this model?
What of the Son?

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Andrew.Erickson said...

This is kind of a silly observation. Just because space-time is graphed as a triangle doesn't mean it has anything to do with the Trinity.

When you ask if God made a <---*---> universe, are you asking if the universe was created with an artificial past? This is an interesting question and one of the first questions that Epistemology asks. How do you know that the past was for real?