Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It seems that many are worried about some sort of cataclysmic event destroying modern civilization in the year 2012.
If this large scale die-off occurs - how will America be remembered one thousand years from now?
Will anything remain of the New City (New York)?
Judging by the possible effects of thermite in the World Trade Center collapse - would a nuclear attack leave anything even recognizable?

What if L.A. becomes a modern-day Atlantis after the Big One?

Centuries of history have been replicated in America's most modern city Las Vegas.
But will this ephemeral record of human history, creativity and technology eventually be covered by mounds of sand?
These fake pyramids could not outlast the real Pyramids.
If America were to become a wasteland - what would remain?
Judging by past civilizations, only large concrete or stone edifices could pass our current knowledge and understanding to future generations.
All our electronics would become useless.
Most books would rot or be burned.
Any evidence our our existence could be represented by structures similar to the Georgia Guidestones...
Or Mount Rushmore.

Or maybe the Washington Monument.
What could a future people tell about our existence?
Would we be deemed a country ruled by The NWO, Masons, or the Illuminati?
Would this future archaeological assumption be correct?
(HT - D.V.)


FreeMan said...

The question I ask myself is did this civilization further the human race. I know cars trains and planes but none of that will be around to prove any point. It's funny you bring up these symbols because as the Egyptians left their architectural feats as a sign of their intelligence what will this civilization leave behind?

Nothing will remain but a water system because those are all out of concrete and maybe the agricultural feats of Central California.

Mr. Noface said...

I agree that not much of our current civilization will be left for those in 2110 to see because, we focus too much on creating things that impress (in the short term) as opposed to making things that last.

Reggie said...

Brother when we're dead, does it really matter?!?

I'm hoping that sometime over the next couple of centuries...because I'm still not buying that "the end is near" bullshit; that this country will leave a positive long standing legacy.

We've only been around for a couple of hundred years, I think we need a little longer to leave a long standing legacy. We're sure as hell not Rome or the British Empire just yet.

uglyblackjohn said...

It just seems to me that the cultures who have the least to offer humanity are the ones who end up leaving the most temporary legacy.
It seems that America is the modern day equivalent of the Biblical Image's "Feet of Clay".