Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nothing's Changed

Y'all ain't figured it out yet?
Y'all assume that an "educated" (read: successful) woman can't find a man?
But this is not the truth.
Any woman can get a man - if that's what she wants.

But many women are still little girls.
Many still want the popular jock even though he may pass along an unexpected little gift after a night in the hotel room.
Many like the combination of at least some schooling, a fit body, a nice income, a bit of glamour, and the assumed popularity that comes with today's athletes.
Many want the same things they wanted back when they were in middle school.

How did HOVA pull Bey?
Pact with the devil speculation aside - Jay had game.
Jay dominates his field.
What many women desire is dominance.
Which little girl likes the band geek as a child?
But add the money, glamour and fame as an adult and the guy becomes a hot property.

What girl likes the nerd?
Add television appearances and a bit of cash in adulthood and even nerds can get the girls.

What girl wants a square?
Add a few billion dollars and celebrity friends and the guy gets a look.

What girl wants a thug?
What they really want is the protection the thug offers from other thugs.
It's better to be beaten by one man than it is to be beaten and raped by many men.
What do all these men have in common? Protection.
All these men can offer a woman protection from what they fear the most - whatever that may be (poverty, anonymity, boredom, ignorance, etc.).
If a woman's worst enemy is herself - how can any man be expected to protect her from herself?


FreeMan said...

He can't and that's why so many of them are unsatisfied and why most guys just say to hell with it. I don't remember what Pimp book said sell a B*tch a Dream and you can have your way with her but it seems to be true.

They are thinking like teenagers and as a result they get the guys who figured out it's best to act like something than be it. Then the same women get mad that they fell in love or lust with an actor and end up raising kids which are the manifestation of their ignorance.

brohammas said...

None of us, as men, are qualified to say what women need or should do.

If any of us actually had any answers when dealing with woman, the world would be completely different.

uglyblackjohn said...

I'm terrible with women.
Women come fairly easily for me but I have no idea as to why.
It's just odd that so many women's blogs feature women who seem bitter.
Who wants a bitter woman?
Not me.

RunningMom said...

Protection is good, feeling like you have someone to take care of you sometimes - not all the time, but just on those days when you feel like you need it.

I think that women get mad and eventually bitter because a.) they fail at communicating their needs and b.) when/if they do learn to communicate their needs, they don't leave when the man can't or won't give them what they need.

I think that this happens because we are taught to put everyone else's needs before our own and are sometimes made to feel selfish or guilty when we need something.

As a man the best thing that you can do for a woman is teach her to communicate. It just takes a little practice but can make life so much easier all the way around.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ RunningMom - I thought you'd away.

Men should teach women how to communicate?
I thought that women needed to teach men?

RunningMom said...

I'm still here, 23 more weeks of school and I'm done!

Women are better emotional communicators, men are better verbal communicators. Women "hint" and beat around the bush and expect their man to just know what they want. Men tell you exactly what they want and need. Direct communication is so much more effective!