Friday, January 15, 2010

I See devil People...

Some people see the devil where there may be none.
Really... is Bey worshiping the devil because she is learning the New York money game from HOVA?
In some circles, the dress (Theirry Mugler 1992) is seen as a status symbol beyond the financial reach of most people buying the pair's music.
The dress was also seen in George Michael's Too Funky video.
(You know the one - it featured super models prancing on stage in avant garde frocks.)

But this is what rap is selling - a lifestyle beyond the reach of most people.

This past Christmas - a group of people put some money together to purchase a couple of outfits for me to thank me for my help in the past years.
They convinced a few of my young cousins to look through my wardrobe for the labels and designers found on most of my clothes.
On Christmas day - I opened packages from Jhane Barnes and Hugo Boss.
Don't get me wrong - I like these labels.
But I never pay retail for the pieces.
I know some retail buyers who can get a $1000 Armani coat for $100.
I get $200 Jhane Barnes shirts for $20.
The status is in the savings - not the price paid for each piece.
I would have never bought this stuff for myself at those prices.
But for these rap inspired families - the status was in the cost of these items.

Don't get me wrong - I like fine art, design and fashion - but these all take a back seat to humility, love and compassion.
What good is there in owning a Basquiat, Warhol or Herring original at the expense of ones ability to assist ones neighbor?
What good is a Patek Philippe or Vecheron Constantin watch if one cannot even tell time?
What good is a Paul Smith suit if one cannot get out of their car to assist someone with a flat tire?
What good is a Bell 407 helicopter to fly to the next city over?
(A lot of people have Cessnas - but my boy (name omitted) really impressed us with his 407).

Maybe these articles are correct.
Maybe Jay and Bey have sold their souls for the material rewards of their fame.
Maybe Bey's dress and Jay's lyrics are a hint of what is truly important in their lives.
Or judging by their philanthropic work - maybe they are just into fashion.
I 'aint mad at em - but that's not the life for me.


Marianne said...

I don't know if you can count on one hand the celebrities that don't live a lifestyle light-years beyond what average people can afford. The truth is that people wouldn't look up so much to celebrities if it weren't for this very factor.
Also, what they own does not equal what they spend from their own pocket, celebs get tons of very expensive freebies from stores and designers.
The "dress" is gorgeous, I'd buy it too if I had the money. I don't feel resentment towards the celebs who earned a big fortune by actually doing something, like singing, acting etc. I'm not a fan of Beyonce, but no one can say she is not talented. She does give back, through her singing, and her charity acts. I have more of a problem with the Hiltons and Kardashians and Gosselins of the media world, who earn tons of money, and all they give back is their personal filth.

FreeMan said...

They are selling a dream so I don't think it's who they are or are a reflection of their values. It's marketing of a song and sometimes it doesn't match but the waste of money appeals to the majority of people in this world.

You and I share a similar understanding of money but that's because we've got to a level above survival and realize all this material stuff doesn't really add onto my life. So you think how could I be of some assistance.

So the expensive shirts are a reward for giving to others becuase until they get above survival they will never understand you see them as a sign of your deal finding abilities.

Val said...

Remember the MTV show cribs? Well a lot of those houses that were presented were not really owned by the celebs. In fact many times, especially later in the shows run, people leased a home for a few weeks, furnished it with rented/ borrowed stuff and then went on the show. The cars too.

What a joke that show became.

So it's all just a bs image that 95% of celebs can't even really live.

It sure would be nice to have a helicopter.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey John,

Sounds like you know where to find all the good deals. Hmmm... maybe a post of that would be good.

Anonymous said...

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