Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eat A Wiener

Some thought it odd that Mark Sanchez could be so relaxed that he could enjoy eating a hot dog during a football game.
I had a cousin comment that Sanchez sucked and that he didn't understand the game at that level - that this was the NFL not USC.
But this cousin was wrong.
This cousin didn't understand the game because he had never done anything at this level.

Mark is an average NFL quarterback at best.
But Mark plays the game - Mark doesn't just watch and talk about the game.
The thing this cousin failed to understand was that players play for people who play.
Players don't play for cheerleaders. (Well, maybe to screw them.)
One doesn't even have to be the best - they only have to be their best at what they are being asked to do at any given time.
If one can do their job it allows others to perform at their maximum potential. (Instead of having to compensate for an other's shortcomings.)

What's the moral of the story?
Just that one should keep playing - the rest can eat a wiener.


FreeMan said...

Well it's the same angle the Ravens got far with their rookie QB. Just don't mess it up until we figure out how good of a QB you really are.

He is good at being good enough of a QB and that's all that is required for right now. We'll see if he has to be more the next round.

uglyblackjohn said...

This is also true in life.
Most people act as 'Monday Morning Quaterbacks' - complaining about the way others play the game.
But few are actively involved in making any measurable progress.
Many of us seem to be waiting for a Brett Farve, Joe Montana or Joe Namath when a Doug Williams can also win a championship.

Sometimes we don't need to wait for a Hall of Famer.
Sometimes we just need someone who will play the game to win.