Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He's Gotta Be From The South

Boys from the South love dem some hurry legs.
And dey love dem some pork.
But I'm from Cali. - I can't get down with no hairy ham hocks.


FreeMan said...

Boy you really hate Monique. I hope you aren't on the grassy knoll when she comes into town in the drop top! LMBAO

By the way this ish is just nasty!

uglyblackjohn said...

I just hate her because she lies.
She says that she's fine - but she's fat.
She says that she's pretty - but people are just being polite when they agree.

If she came out and said, "I'm a fat unattractive ghetto girl with a limited education - but I developed other skills which made me marketable within the current system anyway." - I could deal with her nasty ass hairy ham hocks and gravy drippin' neck.

She bragged about being happy with her girth and then went on a diet.
She ain't mad at Halle Berry - she (like many women) are just mad that they are not her.

CNu said...


her nasty ass hairy ham hocks and gravy drippin' neck


Reggie said...

If I had love for hairy legs, I'd have married a sheep.

That shits nasty!!!

Reggie said...

John don't you know better than to try to come between a nigga and his pork?!?