Monday, January 18, 2010


Why does this greenhouse flourish?
Why is it so lush and prosperous?
Did these plants just spout from the ground and tend to themselves?
Or were these plants taken from somewhere else and nurtured as though the owner created them himself?
Why are these conditions best for these plants?
Why is this greenhouse barren?
Is this ground less fertile, less developed or less desirable?
Did someone steal the plants and bins (wealth) that this greenhouse once held?
Maybe it's now the environment's fault if only weeds grow when all other resources were removed?
Why aren't these conditions best for growing a desirable crop of plants?


FreeMan said...

Neglect! For the soil can only grow what is tilled just putting seeds on top of it doesn't make anything grow, that just gives the false impression of potential.

Reggie said...

That's a fair question........I just don't know the damned answer.

uglyblackjohn said...

A lot of these programs designed to help others just sprinkle some seed on a barren soil with the same result.
There has to be some sort of disturbance to move the nutrients back to the top.
There has to be some type of cultivation to keep things growing.
In the hood, in Haiti or in Africa - a quick coating of an unnatural fertilizer only works for a while.
The best fertilzer is all natural and already exists within each environment.

Val said...

^Very well said.