Monday, January 11, 2010

Negro, Please!

That Harry Reid pointed out the benefit of Barack Obama's skin tone and dialect is not offensive.
That many Blacks still let others determine their self worth is offensive.
The funny thing is... the Republican party set their lap dog Michael Steele on the issue.
Really? Michael Steele and the Republican party are offended that Reid made an astute observation pointing out Obama's traits which would work in his favor?

But many Blacks still view lighter skinned Blacks as better than dark.
Many Blacks feel that a media influenced dialect is more credible than one in Ebonics.
Are politicians so worried about being PC that they cannot even point out traits which are more beneficial in certain situations?
All Reid was saying was that Obama's skin tone is perceived as less threatening than than a dark skinned brotha's to many whites.
Reid just pointed out that Obama didn't speak as though he constantly had a dick stuck in his mouth.
(Does anyone understand what Jesse Jackson has to say?)

Are we expected to jump on the latest "controversy" created by Steele and the Republicans because they are looking out for our best interests?
Negro Please?!


Reggie said...

Man I'm still offended that neither Micheal Steele or Harry Reid realized that WE light skinned folks haven't been in style since the '80s.

FreeMan said...

Like you I am surprised so many intelligent folk even care. The real questions is if we were mad what the hell is going to happen. NOTHING!

You got to love overseer politics pitting one black against the other.

Citizen Ojo said...

Did you say that Jesse had a dick in his mouth?