Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Chidren's Story

Someone said; "You writing a blog about the real world or fictional children's stories?"
But me being a fan of lex parsiminiae - I find that children's stories are the simplest ways to convey complex ideas and concepts.

From the lessons of Grimm's fairy tales,

The the complex ideologies of Seussian philosophies,

To children's classics like Alice in Wonderland,

And Pinocchio - Most lessons forgotten in adulthood were once taught in the stories of one's youth.

Usually - Simpler is better.


FreeMan said...

Isn't it a shame you have to describe very complex things by showing a happy puppet with his nose growing. Morals have to be taught with these stories so people can absorb it and make it second nature. It's just a shame all the Disney Kids turn into whores after 18 because what does that say for the future when Miley Cyrus is kissing and engaging in statutory rape all while her father agrees to it.

We need to roll out the old school David and Goliath claymation by the Jehovah Witnesses because at least Gumby didn't turn out to be a man whore.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Yeah... we need to get back to the basics.
The three R's, Schoolhouse Rock, and giving some bad ass little kids a good old fashioned butt whooping.

DPizz said...

So you live your life according to Hanna Barbera. Okay.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ DPizz - Nah man,
It's just that most stories are derivative of other stories (and ideas of other simpler ideas).

Most of the children stories were based on a simple message that becomes obfuscated by complexity.