Thursday, July 30, 2009

What The Heck, Beck

Most racist people feel as though they have been wronged by society instead of focusing on their own shortcomings.
Glenn Beck's troubled past
is evidence in such a hypothesis.
I'm sure Mr. Beck wished that it was he who;
-was in a stable long-lasting marriage,
-enjoyed a complete Ivy League education,
-had healthy children
-had no addiction to drugs or alcohol,
-and was President of the United States of America.

It's hard to blame a guy whose culture taught him that by playing by all the rules it is you (he) who deserves all that is good in this country, and anyone who disproves this ideology must be a racist.
This is why police officers get offended at having a Black man as their societal superior.
This is why Palin's followers are up in arms over a Black President.
This is why Limbaugh followers are vexed at the idea of any minority group gaining a toe-hold on power.
This is why Fox News survives.

There are still those who assume a sense of superiority predicated on their race alone.
This is why racist whites don't really hate poor Black people. (Poor and undereducated Blacks are not a threat.)
This is why racist whites discriminate against Asians for doing so well on standardized tests. (Asians don't only compete against just the best of other races - they must compete against the best of their own for the few slots at top-tier universities.)
This is why racist whites form militia and claim that their jobs are being taken by simple immigrant workers.
This is why Black celebrities are hated-on as being too ghetto. (They didn't follow the established rules.)
This is why Barack Obama is the most hated Black man in America.

So Mr. Beck - Who is it that has the motivation and symptoms of being a Racist?
(Definitely not he who has consistently overcome the limitations put upon him by a still somewhat racist nation.)


RiPPa said...

Beck was doing some serious projection, wasn't he?

RunningMom said...

Who the heck is Beck and why should I care about him and his lack of accomplishments?

brohammas said...

While this guy makes me cringe... no shudder, when I think of him, for more reasons (you could guess), I think there is a different reason, or way, he got so off base, or why he projects his own racism on Obama.
A guy like Beck, a white guy who has messed up, has had a hard life, and then achieved some sort of success, and thinks he did it largely by his own wit and bootstraps, aided by the land of opportunity. He thinks he overcame a life harder than Barack and with less "help" (govt programs).
He is THE personification of the white missconception of thinking that their success is their own, and that others failure is their own fault. He has absolutely no concept of black existance and has bought into the idea that race is so far behind "us" that when confronted with accusations of racism, or even the idea of race itself, he simply cannot deal. He rejects it so soundly that he will not consider for one second that he is the one who is off. he cannot allow it.

FreeMan said...

I love this guy because I think he connects the weird dots that are floating in all the birthers, minorities taking over the country and only black people are on welfare minds! I was laughing when I saw it because for once the white paranoia made it to the TV screen. Usually it's called reverse racism or inner city or that one or the cops are doing their job.

What's funny is every black person knows what's really being said but then some pundit twists it into something more rational than racist. Here's Beck to finally say what is the real reason for hate not some cowardice words. So I applaud him for saying it out loud. He has helped me to prove a point that there are more people who think like him than most of us realize!

Invisible Woman said...

two words;

loonius toonius