Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One Yard Short

On an earlier post -
Peacemaker said; "...For someone with such good ideas concerning raising young men, you seem awfully shallow concerning women's appearances..."

Maybe. But no one is perfect.

Martin Luther King is reported to have been an adulterer.

Mahatma Gandhi is reported to have hated Blacks.

JFK's extra-marital exploits have been rumoured for decades.

Even King David became so fixated with a married woman's looks that killed her husband - even though he already had hundreds of wives and ho's from which to choose.
Do I judge the "unattractive" more harshly? Maybe - but it's something that I'm working on.


Mr. Noface said...

Great men and women with great ideals and great hearts that pump the courage through them to strive to live up to those great ideals...usually have great flaws. Yet those great flaws and major set backs do not stop these great folks from making great gains. That is why they are great men and women.

Attributes are only parts of the whole, so if one is to be judged he/she should be judged on the whole not because of certain attributes.

brohammas said...

so can "racist" be just an attribute?
can someone be great in whole and racism just be one of thier flaws?