Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Worst Week In Whiteness

Okay... I see where the Anglophile Rush Limbaugh is coming from.
His world is changing.

Republican poster girl Sarah Palin is still crazy but not in office,
From the Williams sisters winning Wimbledon,
To Tiger being back to his winning form in his own golf tournament,
To Barack Obama being big news overseas,
to the Michael Jackson funeral getting two and a half hours of commercial free coverage on most networks,
And now, a Black man who can swim?

Yeah... I feel for you Rush.
Those Blacks just seem to be everywhere they're not supposed to be.
This has possibly been the worst week in whiteness.


Max Reddick said...

As the effects of white affirmative action begins to lessen, and more African Americans are excelling in fields they normally would not even be competing in, I believe that many whites who expressed a committment to a prejudice free, colorblind society are beginning to rethink that committment.

Oh, it was okay as long as we stuck to familiar territory, but when we begin to branch out and explore the true range of our potential, then they become frightened at the prospect of giving up some of their privilege.

But congrats to those breaking ground in new territory, and even to those raising the bar in old.

FreeMan said...

It'll be a bad week for whiteness when we stop seeing these normal things as breakthroughs of some sort. It will be a bad week for whiteness when Blacks stop seeing accomplishments as disproving some stereotype that wasn't true in the first place.

As Max said, this is just most whites seeing what they are advocating might not be exactly what they want.

uglyblackjohn said...

Really, it was just the worst week for RACIST whites.
The one's who put little value into the importance of one's race probably weren't too worried.
It was just amuzing for me to listen to many of those on the far right getting upset with the MJ funeral coverage.

brohammas said...

Does it help if I mention I complained about all the Princess Di coverage?

Mother Theresa got the shaft on that one.

Mr. Noface said...

Oh crap, you are so right Brohammas...I forgot about that.

Next time a celebrity's death gets upstaged by a bigger celebrity's death, I'm going to call it getting the Mother Theresa, or perhaps to be more modern, getting the Farrah Fawcett.

LOL...but seriously though, it's enough for you to almost feel bad for the "white man". The curtains have been drawn back and the powerful wizard turns out to be just a foolish old man.