Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everybody Dance

Everyone knows (and some can even do) the Electric Slide.
The dance is performed at most weddings.
If one happens upon a white wedding (No, not as in Billy Idol's song.), the Chicken Dance is all too common.

The next craze?
The new chicken dance?
The Mini Buffalo Ranch Dance?


FreeMan said...

The marketing team for Jack in the box and Carl's Jr/Hardees are a bunch of undersexed teenagers. This is like commercial number 20 from these same dumb ass guys. They have one with the midgets singing Mini Sirloin burgers riding a small pony.

Maybe it's just the world is getting dumber. I think Idiocracy the movie predicted this!

FreeMan said...

@UBJ - Oh yeah I sent you two emails check them out when you can. I need your feedback!

Max Reddick said...

Sometimes I wish I possessed the rhythm necessary to do some of these dances. But, alas, I do not. So at weddings and other occasions I find myself just sitting back watching.

But who does make up these dances and how to they spread so quickly and completely?

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Max - Memes, memes and more memes.