Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sugar v. Coco

"Damn... that mare has a big round ass, long shapely legs and golden hair."
Maybe Rodell Vereen was imagining himself as Ice T and pretending that the horse (Sugar) was Coco.
Mr. Vereen was probably told that he was "Hung like a horse" and decided to test the theory out.
(Identity of victim hidden to protect her privacy.)
Buggery, Paraphilia or Zoophilia - that brotha' is just wrong.
But Sugar got off easy - she only developed an infection.
A few years ago, Henry Lewis - in Sweetwater, Alabama - caused a horse to become so sick that it died a few days after being raped.
What is wrong with these country ass Negroes?
Do they really desire a blond so badly that they will settle for a horse?
I can only imagine Mr. Vereen's photos on his prison cell walls.

(HT - Citizen Ojo and Rippa)


Max Reddick said...

First of all, DARN COCO! Goodness.

I am hopeful that they will find this gentlemen to be mentally incompetent. Because anything else would be absolutely frightening.

Keith said...

Wow! So hot. Great pic. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I hope you'll come back again. You've got a really cool blog.

RunningMom said...

First I had to Google "Rodell Vereen", then I had to Google "buggery", WTF? Does the horse just stand still and take the abuse? Is he not afraid of getting nipped? One bite to the right area and he will be the one with a vagina... I'm just saying....

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