Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Smartest People Alive

Who is smarter...?
William Barron Hilton
Or the deadbeat dads?
IMO - The smartest thing for any human to do is to pass along one's genes to a generation which has the ability to better the lives of their children.
Whether qualified by wealth, education, social status or skills (Really, none are demonstrative if intelligence - they are all only tools used to sustain one's existence.) - intelligence can best be measured by the productivity of the children of the one being measured.
People like William Barron Hilton spend so much time at work - they fail to form a non-financial bond between themselves and their children.
Children from this type of setting often act out in non-productive ways - leading to the lowering of one's chances to reproduce.
The money first value system eventually leads to inbreeding between a relative few families - which further limits the viability of their gene pool.
The deadbeat dad - on the other hand - practices a more hit-and-miss approach to maintaining his gene pool.
Since his chances of survival are diminished by the society in which he lives - having more offspring increases his chances of producing at least one viable offspring.
While it may seem dumb to many - he is actually increasing his family's chances of furthering his bloodline.

But neither model is the best case scenario.
Any family who puts the well being of their bloodline first (before money, fame or status) has the best chance of keeping their family's bloodline intact.
This is something I often notice in Latino families.
When I hire a brick layer sub-contractor - I often see a son by his side learning a skill that will help feed his family.
When I see immigrants packed into a small home - I see a family that is maximizing the profits of their labors to their full potential.
When I see people who move from their home for a better opportunity (and who actually show up on time and do the work) - I see a people who are working to better their lives for themselves.
This is what is often missing in ghetto Black families.
Where is the father who should be teaching his sons?
Where is the mother who should be teaching their daughters?
What I often see are people who've been spoiled by the rewards of success (through entitlements) - without having done the work to earn success.
IMO - The smartest people alive are those who prepare their children to prosper in life after the parents are gone, and who will teach their children do the same.


Max Reddick said...

Well said. Everywhere that I go where I can take my son, I take him. Sure, I provide for him financially, but more than material things, I want to be able to impart to him some semblance of good sense. And I would to get to know him, and for him to get to know me.

Last week just he and I spent several days together out of time, and I was amazed at how much I found out about him in that short time. And I'm sure he now sees me in a different light. We got to bond, but in doing so, we also created memories that he can pass on to his children, the next generation.

There is an old Native American saying, memory lives in the blood. In other words, what happens in this generation, can still be evinced in later generations.

FreeMan said...

Anyone who makes a deliberate effort to insure that their children survive will prosper. Whatever class and whatever nationality who follows this method will keep their family moving.

What We Blacks have is a sense of entitlement. Other groups especially immigrants know they are not going to be part of society right away. So they pride themselves on skills that pay the bills and then education. Blacks are no different from any other American family where they think somehow they will be provided for because there will always be a job.

So through deliberate effort are by exclusionary circumstances bloodlines are maintained. Blacks have just enough freedom or the illusion thereof that they don't see a reason to concentrate and make sure they survive.

KST said...

Nice post. I don't know if I would paint the "ghetto" families with such a broad brush. You are right the importance of creating memories through spending quality time with our children. Too many of our children are experiencing a lack of emotional and financial support. Don't forget that if a woman is single and raising children, she has provide both.

I took my daughter to the local science museum a few months ago and had an encounter that made me a little sad. My daughter was playing with an exhibit when a little Mexican boy shoved her out of the way.

The boy's father came over, apologized, and delivered a lecture to his son that I will never forget. He got down to his eye level and explained to him that he was never ever in his life to put his hands on a girl again. That girls are meant to be loved and protected by men, and anything less was unacceptable.
Let me tell you - I almost cried (for a whole bunch of personal reasons).

Citizen Ojo said...

UglyBlackJohn - You are hitting people over the head with that DEEP Stick again...

KST - Wow.. that was deep