Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Madea, Mo'Nique and BET

When can we criticize Black culture without being called a "Sellout"?
Whenever I state that I'm not a fan of Tyler Perry and his Madea movies - it's just me exercising my right to choose.
Tyler Perry movies are no more representative of traditional Black life as are Will Ferrell movies of white life.

But the difference is that there are more genres to choose from in white (or mainstream) movies.
Will Ferrell isn't on 24/7/365.
Will Ferrell isn't being touted as deserving an Oscar.
Will Ferrel movies are seen as what they are - pablum fed to the masses to satiate a desire to laugh at or mock others.
In much of Black culture, there is a desire to call that which is worst that which is best.

I can't stand Mo'Nique.
In Fact, I'd like LessNique.
Trying to call Mo'Nique sexy is like calling...

Mimi from the Drew Carey Show sexy.
Sometimes, disgusting is just disgusting.
Why lie?
Just because Mo"Nique is Black is no reason to say that she is on the same level as Beyonce.

George Carlin is to
Richard Pryor.
As Larry Bird is to;
a) Magic Johnson
b) Wilt Chamberlain
c) Micheal Jordan
d) Tim Duncan

The answer is "Tim Duncan".
Larry Bird was just a really good player who contributed to his team winning championships.
The other players changed and dominated the game.
It is really a false question. Pryor and Carlin are the shit. Duncan and Bird are just 'aight.
MTV is to ?
Nope, not BET.
BET is beyond compare for gross negligence.
(Well.. maybe it does compare to Tyler Perry movies.)


RunningMom said...

I don't hate all Tyler Perry movies, but Madea goes to Jail was TER-RI-BLE. I do however find it easier to watch Tyler Perry than Will Ferrell, he is extra strange.

FreeMan said...

We are just too sensitive! We think every person good or bad somehow shifts who we are as a group. So the smart people want a smart person and the ignorant want a ignorant that they relate to.

I like Will Ferrell movies as you know what you are getting kind of like Jerry Lewis. Mo'Nique is the celebration of Fat, Loud, Crass and Ignorant which she is copying from the Steve Harvey Model. There is a celebration of our folk keeping it real and airing out things that don't need to be said.

I liked George Carlin but he was more blunt than funny. Tyler Perry is truly unique because he took a transvestite grandma, mixed it with religion, and decided to talk about something serious. So the whole chemistry set he's working with is baffling.

Extra: I usually let people be but Tyler Perry embarrasses me and I'm usually pretty cool with the views of the intellectuals to the ghetto folks.

brohammas said...

Do you think that at the heart of your recent string of posts, the black/not black/sellout etc. is that black culture tends to be exclusive rather than inclusive.
The idea that the culture is not just a set of traditions or values, but a stringent set of rules by which one can decide membership?
The idea that one can sell out, the idea that something cultural can be "stolen" by an outsider, or the idea that a member has left the group if found interracting with the "other", or acting in a way not sanctioned by the group.

I respect Tyler Perry's model of keeping production and distribution "in house" thereby keeping a better share of the proceeds... smart man. Like his stuff or not, smart man.

FreeMan said...

@Brohommas - I think you hit the nail on the head as I think black culture is exclusive. It's a either you're with us or against us kind of way of life. I tend to think it's a very natural reaction to every other race either believing the propaganda or standing neutral in the face of obvious wrongs. Either way it makes that group close the doors because it sees no ally outside it's own and as such anyone who wants to mingle with those who fake understanding will be punished in what ever manner is at hand.

The funny thing to me is those who want to stand outside are looked upon as knowing the truth. If one man stands alone and advocates issues against his own family. No one is around except his friends would you believe he is right?

The ones outside the group have a right to their own opinion especially to the running of their life but they will soon find out that the group did not elect him to speak on the groups behalf.

Cilicious said...

Fascinating comments.

To this day, I still miss Pryor's humor.

Citizen Ojo said...

When you get a chance, please email me on why you don't like Monique. I have go to know. You stay on that woman!!! ha ha ha

FreeMan said...

@Citizen Ojo - Mo'Nique stole UBJ lunch for two weeks straight. Just go and watch NORBIT and it's a similar storyline.

uglyblackjohn said...

@ Ojo - Nah... I still got my lunch (FreeMan).
It's just that I'm sick of looking at nothin' but big girls.
In Cali there are enough fit women to notice only the hotness.
Here in Texas every woman is "extra". Everywhere I go, I see women that are a hot mess.
Mo'Nique just represents the lie that parents tell their children - "You're a pretty girl" - when they know their daughters are ugly.
I'm just sick of looking at ass crack in a thong when I'm just trying to eat lunch.
I'm sick of empire waist dresses on women who have no waist.
I'm sick of seeing a gut hanging down like a middle aged plumbers and the women thinking that it's sexy.
I'm sick of women thinking that a tub of lard (fat) is the thing as a fat juicy steak (fit).

I can deal with the bigness in doses - just not every day in my day-to-day life and then having to be told that it's sexy in the Black media.

FreeMan said...

LMAO @ Empire waist dresses. See now you know why I hesitate to move east only to maybe Miami!

The classifications of thick become bigger and bigger the more east you go. Tomorrow I'll go to the beach and tape the average women at Santa Monica and upload it for you so you can remember the good times!

Citizen Ojo said...

Wow!!! Well I did ask and I got my answer... ha ha ha

ShaylaBarbie said...

finally some one says whats on my mind